One of the most common issues by women who are trying to lose weight will want to reduce the size of their thighs, to get the slim and svelte look! Although exact spot reduction of fats is a myth, it is still possible to tone up specific areas for women. It takes some work, but it does not require any special fitness equipment or a gym! Performing regular exercises and paying a closer attention to your diet will definitely help you see fast results for fat loss in your thighs!

Exercise is very important if you want slimmer thighs. This is because exercising will build your lean muscle mass, and muscle burns fats and calories even when you are not doing anything. More lean muscle mass translates to higher metabolism rate. This results in greater fat loss results in general for your entire body. Additionally, exercising will also improve your sense of balance and flexibility. The types of exercises you should consider performing include lunges, squats or maybe even hop scotch with your children! By performing regular exercise, you will improve your endurance, muscle tone as well as your strength. All these will help you to burn off excess fats and see muscle tone sooner. For those of you who are worried that by performing such leg related exercises you will gain a lot of muscle mass, this fear is unfounded. You will only gain additional leg mass if you were to also consume an extremely high protein diet. Therefore, keep your overall calorie intake low, and your fears will not come true.

If your knees and legs are free of injuries, you should also consider adding running as a cardiovascular workout! There are several benefits to running. It is free, does not require any fitness equipment nor weight and it can be performed virtually anywhere you wish! Cardiovascular exercises will increase your heart rate, which will then in turn boost your metabolism rate; helping you burn more fats in a shorter period of time. If you find it difficult to motivate yourself to go running, you can set up running groups, where you and a group of family and friends will go running at set timings each week!

Also, if you want to look like you have skinnier legs, you should work on improving your body posture! By standing straight, with your backbone slightly arched and chest out, you will automatically look healthier and slimmer!

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