Getting started in photography with your first photo shoot being a church wedding ceremony can be challenging. The bride and groom have put a lot of effort to ensure that everything is perfect and they are expecting the same from you in return. You do not want to be the photographer that missed special moments because you got frustrated with your camera or failed to communicate and plan well.
When getting started as a wedding photographer, here are some of the important things that you need to know.
Have A Shooting List
After shooting a dozen weddings, you will know what to photograph. This is however not the case if you are an amateur in photography. That is why you have to make a list and study so that you get the important shots (speeches, arriving at the church, cutting the cake, first dance and so on). A photographer’s job is to make sure that the bride looks as beautiful as possible.
She is most likely the one who hired you, and she’s the one you will have to impress. Don’t forget to take into account the ethnicity of your friends as well as wedding traditions. For instance, you don’t want to miss out on the traditional tea ceremony at an Asian wedding.
Invest In A Flash
Most photographers including amateurs primarily shoot natural light, but investing in an off-body flash is a must for a San Diego wedding photographer beginner. The flash on your camera isn’t sufficient to capture every moment perfectly. Indoor receptions and ceremonies, rainy or cloudy days, dark churches; you have to get a shot, no matter the situation.
Silent Photo Shoot
There is nothing as distracting on a wedding ceremony as the sound of your camera beeping as you try to focus. Always turn off your cameras’ sound when the day starts and leave it off. With a silent camera, you can shoot candid photos without causing any disturbance. This also makes it easier to get much natural photo.
Do Not Stress Yourself
If you are selected for a photo shoot, your referral is confident that you can deliver. If they are convinced with what you can do that means that you should be too. You might not be an expert but as long as you can create decent shots of the wedding ceremony your clients will be happy.
Your first job is a perfect opportunity for you to shine, so you have to make an effort. You can produce good quality images using “amateur gear”, and you will be surprised how you’ve impressed some friends and scored a couple of wedding photography jobs.
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