A while ago, meditation was perceived to be an ambiguous practice reserved for monks and Buddha worshippers. However, today it is a well-accepted practice across the globe with a lot of information available on how to have better meditation and how meditation can help our lives. There are also many testimonials of people who have highly appreciated the practice and are benefiting from it. Many psychics practice the art and can give you tips on how to start whilst giving a reading.
How to start meditation as a newbie
It is common for multitasking to be seen as a sign of competence where on focusing ones attention on a single task can be seen as a sign of incompetence. People of eastern cultures understand the benefits of meditation. However, people from the west are slowly catching up with the practice noted in their appreciation of quiet times and silent prayer.
Meditation is a very easy to learn practice. It can take a quick learner just a few minutes to learn the skill. One starts to see the benefits with increased practice as they continue to feel more relaxed, they become studiers and pay more attention, the results are seen in increased peace in life at large.

Meditation aims at slowing ones thoughts and preventing them from wandering all over. Once someone settles into a sitting position, it is surprising to discover that the mind goes over so much. From the time, one woke up, to lunch eaten with a friend and their family. However, one should not get discouraged but take time to un-clutter their mind.
One should find a quiet place comfortable position. One good place is the home, balcony, or in the garden where one has the opportunity to experience nature. One should avoid meditating in a room if this makes them feel sleepy. There are people who are comfortable just sitting on a chair with the back straightened and hands relaxing on a chair. Others find it more comfortable to sit on a pillow with the legs crossed. There is no right way to sit when meditating, all the that is required is a comfortable and position.
The next thing is to focus on ones breath or anything pleasant. One can start out a few minutes each day and they will be amazed at how easy it is to meditate. However, one should try to bring back the mind into focusing on the activity and try to push away the clutter.
Advanced meditation techniques
There are people who find listening to music to be very beneficial as it helps them clear their mind from the day’s activities. However, the most important thing is to concentrate on breathing and have a steady and soothing music beat in the background which helps in breathing more rhythmically. Instrumental music is the best to use in meditation, while music with words can be distracting.
Other sounds that can be used are a rippling brook, the sound of running water helps in preparation for meditations and is soothing. However to learn how to practice meditation better for the best results it is recommended that one takes meditation classes from an accomplished trainer.

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Rachel Ann works for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a reiki master.

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