Without getting right kind of information in time, it is very difficult to manage our work in recent time. Most of us want to get updated with the recent information from various spheres of live such as-

• Entertainment
• Politics
• Business
• Development
• Education
Getting live news about anything means to get to know about the event and see it while it is happening. Most of the TV channels try to cover any important event live so that the audience could have the feel about the event sitting at home. Out of all the types of news the India sports news is what attracts the most of the people as people go crazy about sports in India specially the cricket. Economy is the backbone of any country and to have the feel of the economy of a country in the truest sense the stock market news is the best for the business people as well as the common people who are not directly linked to the business.

We have various means to get information in our country and across the world and they are-

• Radio
• Television
• Newspaper
• Internet
• Mobile
Whenever there is an event such a cricket match, events like Olympic, Asian or commonwealth games or cricket or football world cup or any kind of prize distribution ceremony or ceremonies of national importance live news coverage allows millions of people to sit at home and be the part of such big events which is otherwise not possible. It is not possible for everyone to be present at the place where such pleasant events are happening. Stock market news helps people to know about the market in detail and they could take certain decisions about their investments. The different newspapers keep separate pages and some media houses have even come out with exclusive sports magazines to publish India sports news in detail.

Live news from the business field is very important for the business owners and the investors who are willing to put their money in the shares of some companies. There are some exclusive business dailies where people could get the stock market news and act accordingly. One can get the latest India sports news on various new channels and exclusive sports channels very easily. The web portals have also introduced the fastest way of getting the news of every type.

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