People are starved for love. Starved to the point of ruin, anxiety, lonliness, disorders and addictions. Every day people come to me spiraling out of control and beg "please help me".

I love them and support them. I give them loving guidance and tell them all the same thing. The thing that is hardest for every single one of them. Tell the truth!


The one thing that everyone needs most to do, they can't do it.

Why would you not want to be happy and GO AFTER IT WITH A VENGENCE!

Here it is: If you want to feel loved by me, then I have to accept you just as you are. There is a catch. I have to be able to see you first to accept you. But how can I see you thus accept you when you won't tell me who you REALLY are.

Tell the truth!

So let's look at this from another angle. In order for you to feel really loved you must know I really know you. In order for you to FEEL it!

So our job is to line up a million people and tell the truth about who we really are, warts and all. YOU will find those who can love you just as you are.

How can you possibly find those few if you are always hiding the real you.

Is rejection so bad that you would sacrifice having real love in your life?

There will be 90 % of all people out there who will not have capacity to love you.

Some will, some won't, so what?

Just go find those who can.

But one thing is for sure, if you don't tell the truth you will be lost, alone and afraid for your whole life.............

and so the story goes.....

Author's Bio: 

Sharon A Winningham, Certified Real Love Coach
I am a Religious Scientist, Mom, Seminar Speaker, Teacher, Realtor, Salsa dancer and Real "lover". It's all about Real Love.