Driving traffic to your blog is always a major priority and in most cases your success depends upon your writing ability! Now I'm not referring so much to composing interesting blog posts but rather your ability to write content 'off site' that will entice people to visit your blogging platform! Although offering visitors interesting blog updates is critical to the success of your site, you must take active measures to promote your platform! Also considering people are more interested in what you say and how you say it, it stands to reason that the length of your content is not always an issue! With that being said here are 3 strategies perfectly suited to showcase your writing ability away from your blogging site that will encourage viewers to pay a visit!

Useful Comments

Leaving comments at other blogging platforms is a great way to increase your exposure while also learning how to write content that makes an impact. As a blogger like we discussed above, people will make their own determination as to what they feel is an interesting blog post! More times then not their opinion will be based more upon what you say and how you say it and not the length of the update itself! Learning to say a lot with fewer words is actually a skill that comes with practice and leaving meaningful comments at other platforms is great practice! Of course the higher the quality of your commenting the more people will be inclined to visit you site!

Forum Interaction

Actually forums are structured similarly to blogs insofar as accepting and encouraging interaction by visitors! The primary difference I guess would be that forums are viewed more as 'help' centers but the participants are still focused nonetheless! Visiting a forum that focuses on the same or similar topic you write content about gives you access to a targeted audience. Your participation can be of great impact to others by making attention getting remarks that are insightful, informative or helpful! Much like blog commenting the remarks you leave should be relatively brief and here too this helps you improve your writing ability! Making an impact in as few words as possible takes practice so have at it!


Since blogs attract folks due to the content they offer it only stands to reason that articles would be an excellent 'preview' to what readers can expect on your platform! Readers can get a feel for your writing ability and then simply follow the link if what you wrote did indeed stir an interest! Not only that but your articles are often a great source from which you can create interesting blog posts as well!

There are many strategies for getting traffic to your blog and the 3 suggestions above are based upon using your writing ability 'off' site! By doing so you can showcase the same writing ability you will be using to compose interesting blog posts you can offer visitors once they land on your platform! The popularity of your blogging platform ultimately rests on your ability to write content in a way that will keep readers coming back! Doesn't it make sense to put this same 'talent' to use for traffic generation purposes off site as well?

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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