While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other
is busy making mistakes and becoming superior.
-- Henry Link

Regardless of the career or life path we're on, there are times when we find it difficult to move forward. There are many road blocks that get in our way, and sometimes, getting around them seems impossible.

It's been called many things, including, "The Paralysis of Analysis, or "Success Anorexia," and sometimes it's simply called "Fear."

Whatever you call it, it can be powerful enough stop you dead in your tracks.

But what could you accomplish if you knew it was impossible for you to fail? I suspect a great deal.

When I've been stuck, I ask myself -- "Ok, self -- what's the BEST possible scenario associated with my doing this thing I'm thinking about?" The answer always makes me feel great. In some of my best scenarios, (g) I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams, end world hunger, achieve world peace, and find a cure for AIDs. What's not to like about looking at the best scenarios?

Then, I take a deep breath, face my fear and ask, "Ok, self -- what's the WORST possible scenario associated with my doing this thing I'm thinking about?" I don't usually like the answers I get, as you might imagine. However, I move on and, whatever the answer.... I ask myself about both the best and worst outcomes, "Could I live with this? Would my life be ok if this happened?"

Invariably, for me, the answer has been a resounding "YES!!"

So -- if I could live with the best and the worst, that means I could live with any of the gazillion possibilities that exist in between. And that gives me the courage to go on... to head straight toward and then *past* the thing that has had me stuck -- the thing between me and success.

And, over time I've noticed something amazing. The more often I practice this technique, the quicker I seem to be able to get around the road blocks. I stay stuck for shorter periods of time, and I accomplish more. In my book, that's a good thing :)

Oh... and there's one other thing I do to help me with this :)

There are two quotes on my monitor which stare me in the face all the time. They're there so I don't forget and stay stuck.....

The first one is:

“Just being born is a miracle, to grow and make a difference in this world is grace indeed…but to live a life that touches others is amazing beyond compare.”

The other:

"When you're going after Moby Dick, take along the tartar sauce." ;>

Be great. You already are!

Author's Bio: 

Anastacia Brice is here for the love. Everything she is and all that she does is wrapped in love--which is her purpose and passion and her undying privilege.

She is a professional business coach, the formalizer of the Virtual Assistance profession, and founder of AssistU -- for more than 15 years, the premier organization committed to training, supporting, certifying and coaching Virtual Assistants, and providing referrals to those business owners who want to work with them. An exceptionally talented partner to VAs, professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners, Anastacia is passionate about supporting women in the building of self-honoring successful businesses and the creation of high-quality lives, helping them do that through creating rock-solid business foundations, wonderfully high standards, and vibrant virtual relationships.

Currently, in addition to the other biz-related yumminess she does, Anastacia is immersed in love--writing a book about conscious, open-hearted marriage designed to be a book of hope for all women who face the "Should I stay or should I go," threshhold moment in their marriages.

She's wise, she'll make you laugh, and she marches to her own drum while letting all people know it's a-ok for them to march to theirs. Some things that matter to Anastacia are: maitri and tonglen as spiritual practices, connecting deeply, cities, romance languages, fonts, living at choice (and always choosing the happy path!), and cheese. Anastacia loves cheese.