UAE’s first theme park exclusively dedicated to the junior audience-Legoland Waterpark Dubai is the ultimate destination for families to splash away their holiday/weekend on the fun water slides and attractions exclusively designed for families with kids aged 2-12 years.

In this post, see for yourself what awaits.


Here families have an opportunity to build their own customised boats with LEGO bricks in the beautifully decorated outdoor area. Just don’t forget to test your boat’s power against the current. So, bring on your

creative A game!

Build-A-Raft River

The uniquely designed area allows kids and adults alike to customise their own raft using large LEGO soft bricks then floating around in it on the lazy river.

Duplo Splash Safari

The young ones have an absolute blast as they splash their way in the play area that features four little slides complete with LEGO Duplo characters among other water features.
Joker Soaker

The fun, interactive playground features slides best suited for the whole family. You can opt to wade in the pool or simply enjoy a torrential downpour from a 300 gallon that soaks up anyone on its path ;)

Twin Chasers

How about racing each other on the double body slides that then shoots you into a wading area below? Whom do you think will get to the bottom first?

Splash Out

Hold on tight as you prepare to speed down the thrilling 60 foot open body slide and splashing out in the waters below.

Red Rush

This is a ride for the whole family. Hop in the family sized raft and head down the 312 foot long curving track that’s on an 11 foot diameter half pipe.

LEGO Slide Racers

The wet and wild thrilling ride comprise of six mat slides that allow you race against your friends.

LEGO Wave Pool

Hop in the gentle pool that allows you to cool off in the reasonably sized waves safe for the whole family.
Twist ‘N’ Spin

Time to speed down the double tube solo or with a friend and just enjoy the exciting twists and turns ;)

Wave Rider

Get your adrenaline gushing in your being as you zoom down the 240 feet open body slide and straight into the waters below.

Must Know About the Water Park
Wondering what sets Legoland water park apart from your typical swimming pool? Below are a few must knows about the park.

● The water park has 14 different attractions with 20 slides

● There are upto 20 slides to choose from most of which require kids to be not less than 102 cm to ride. The rides fall in two categories: One where the kid can ride solo and the other where you can ride alongside the kid.
● The wave rider and tidal tube are a bit wild and would recommend them for older kids aged 5++ yrs
● Build-a-raft lazy river is well suited for family and best part is you have a variety of combinations to choose from for the kids or the entire family. To add some spice to your experience, as you float along the river, remember to collect different blocks and add to your boat to stand out from other boats ;)
● To cool off from the high temperatures, joker soaker will definitely get your sweat glands cooling off for a bit as the full to the brim bucket with the water colder than anywhere else in the park is suddenly gushed at you. It’s one of a kind thrill, but the crowd love it!
● In the lower levels of Joker soaker, kids over 91 cm are allowed to ride. For the upper levels though, the rides are more twisty and require and have a kids must therefore be not anything less than 102cm
● The only attraction area designated for kids is Duplo splash safari
● On the Build-A-Boat attraction, you can bring your creativity to test creating customised Lego crafts and indulge in race competitions.
● Dine with family at Waves Bistro & Brick Bites. The variety include chicken, fries or pizza (Please note all foods from outside are prohibited expect baby food)
● Seats are scattered all across the park and predominantly next to Joker Soaker and wave pool.
● Change rooms can be found next to the entrance and lockers are available for rent starting from AED 45
Tips for Visiting Legoland Water Park
● The park opens between 10am to 7pm in summer, and 6pm in winter
● Look out to combine your experience with Legoland Dubai ticket
● There’s loads of dining options at Riverland Dubai. Be sure to check in.
● Tots under 3 yrs access the park free of charge
● Be sure to get to the park early if you want to catch the public car park and more so if you don’t want to park in the heat. The VIP and Valet parking are however available but at an extra fee
● The weekends are busy and get busier in summer. Note, UAE’s temperatures are high basically from April through to Oct. So without a doubt, expect these to be the peak for any water park in the region. Also notably, Fri/Sat mark UAE’s weekend. Weekdays though tend to be much more quieter, less crowded and especially in the mornings making them ideal time to visit.
● Cabanas are availed for rent and are popular among groupies. They’re very few onsite and not reserved in advance (only served on a first come, first serve basis) To be honest, they’re pricey, but based on the value you receive, it’s worth every penny!
● If your kids are the kind to nag you for a souvenir bottle, then be sure to get it at the start of the day thank me for later for the regular drink refills in the course of the day as temperatures start rising.
● Be sure to take your shoes with you around the park. Some surfaces are not heat treated and you definitely don’t want to hurt your feet.

To visit the exciting waterpark, grab your Legoland water park tickets on and come make memories with family and friends.

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