It is now a very common phenomenon to hear people ask different types of get ex back questions on a regular basis. Every time you go online, you see questions like how do I get my ex back and similar others listed below, these are just handful of such questions as there are several thousands of similar questions being asked every day. What is the solution?

How do I go about getting back my ex? Because I still love him so much?
I need help to get my ex Girlfriend/Boyfriend back?
What should I do to get my ex Girlfriend/Boyfriend back?
How do I get my ex girlfriend/Boyfriend to love me again?
What are the common reasons for wanting to get back with an ex?
I need suggestions for getting my ex boyfriend/Girlfriend back…

But, the big question that is bigger than several of the above and similar other questions is “Why do you want to get back with your ex?”

The major reason why people break up in their relationship is largely due to low level of relationship compatibility. Both or one of the partners in the relationship would have overlooked certain Actual Basic Compatibility Issues that they believe could easily be managed as they get along with their relationship. These are some of the issues that would later turn out to be an uphill task. They would later realize that it is not really easy to change people. Getting into any relationship, you should have known all those attitude and behaviors of your spouse that could easily be endured and those you know, you can never live with, these are issues that should not be overlooked or compromised before you get yourself committed to any love relationship.

Now, back to the big question: Why do you want to get your ex back?

Getting back with an ex is an individual decision, since it is only the individual concerned that knows the major reasons why they broke up with the ex in the first place. So, planning to get back together, they must also know the most important reason why they want to get back together. Whatever the reasons are, you should ask yourself some further questions like those stated below and similar other questions, review and do some series of brainstorming on them before you finally make up your mind to get back together:

• Is it really what you want?
• Does your partner have the same feeling or of the same opinion?
• What was the most difficult reason why you finally make up your mind to break up? You must carry out a careful review and constructive brain storming deep inside your mind here.
• Who made the move to break the relationship, is it you or your partner?
• Were you ever happy in the relationship?
• What do you think were the reasons why the relationship was not working?
• At what point did you start to notice that the relationship was no longer working?
• In your opinion, who played the most dangerous role at ending the relationship, you or your partner?
• Were you abused in any way while in the relationship, either physically or emotionally?
• Do you really think it would never happen again?

Now, you have done a bit of brainstorming, reviewed the above questions objectively and have decided to get your ex back. Remember that you must be fully convinced that this is actually what you want.

You must get it right this time!

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