Unlike the earlier times, travel has become one of the most common things in the contemporary era. Gone are the days when inter-need to travel continental travel used to be a matter of huge pride as well as respect. With the shrinking of the world into a global neighbourhood, there are people who travel to different parts of the world on a regular basis in order to set their professional priorities in the right path. As such, the demands of the business have turned the passport into one of the most vital documents you can possess. More so, if you are a holder of the US passport which in itself is one of the most powerful documents you can possess world-wide.

Moving on to visas, the Vietnam visa applications, especially the Vietnam tourist visa has been growing in quantity over the last few years. Vietnam has gradually developed itself into a travellers’ paradise in the recent past. The ruins of the wars have been slowly developed into some wonderful as well as historical places with a lot of educational and aesthetic values. As such people nowadays consider Vietnam as one of the better destinations of Asia. Thus, many a people in America is on the search of the visa to Vietnam as the destination is among the newer ones which many people have still not travelled and being a new one is still not as costly as the other places of repute.

Thus, if you are located in America you can apply for three types of visas to Vietnam, the business visa, the tourist visa and the work visa. If you are willing to conduct commercial deals, visit your vendors or clients, evaluate investments or even perform any other work which is related to your business or the business deals for that matter, you can apply for the business visa to Vietnam. Then, if you are interested in touring the country for sightseeing and also interested in knowing different cultures, you have to apply for the tourist visa. Remember that if you are visiting with a tourist visa you are not allowed to perform any activity for which you are paid for. Apart from all these if you are seeking for employment in Vietnam, you have no other option that applying for the work visa.

In either of the cases you would have to submit copies of your passport, a passport photo, a copy of flight itinerary, official invitation letter and the loose leaf visa along with the application form. The fee would vary in accordance to your requirements like you would obviously have to pay more for the emergency or the expedited services rather than the regular services. Then you would also have to pay according to the validity of the visa you are applying for. For instance the consular fees for a visa valid for 1 year will always be costlier than one valid for 30 days.

More importantly you would not even have to travel anywhere for getting your visa nowadays. All you need to do is to click on the website of agencies like Visa Service Department and get your work done within the due date of your requirement from the comfort of your bed room even.

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