There are numerous paths to fitness. Getting fit with kettlebells is one of the quickest, most effective paths.

What makes kettlebell workouts so efficient? Getting fit with kettlebells involves total body integration and combining resistance training with cardio exercises. By working the upper and lower body simultaneously, calories are burned more effectively, muscles are strengthened and toned in a timely manner, and a marked improvement in endurance and flexibility is soon noticed. How many other exercises can produce such positive results so quickly?

How to Use Kettlebells to Get the Body You Desire

First, what IS a kettlebell? A kettlebell is a type of weight that somewhat resembles a cannonball with a flat side on one end and a handle on the opposite end. Some exercises are better performed by holding onto the kettlebell’s handle. Other exercises should be performed by grasping the flat bottom with both hands.

Kettlebells have long been used by Russians to sculpt and strengthen the bodies of athletes. In as few as three short kettlebell workout sessions per week, you, too, can get fit with kettlebells and have the body you desire!

Kettlebell movements typically begin from a squatting position. This position engages the leg muscles…especially the hamstrings and quadriceps. By beginning in this position, you put less stress on your lower back. Then, the upper body is used to swing, raise, or lower the kettlebell…depending upon the exercise being performed. The lower legs are used to give the upper body momentum during each kettlebell movement as you go from a squatting position to a standing position, then returning to a squat.

For specific exercises and precise instructions on getting fit through kettlebell techniques and workouts, there are many online resources as well as kettlebell videos. It’s a good idea to learn proper techniques and exercises to avoid risk of injury and muscle strain.

Are Kettlebells for You?

Getting fit with kettlebells can take less time than other forms of exercise. Nevertheless, it DOES require effort and dedication to perform the workouts. Some kettlebell exercises may seem tough and challenging at first. So, it is important to start out slowly with light-weight kettlebells. Do only a few reps and gradually add more repetitions. As your level of fitness improves, you may choose to use heavier kettlebells, too.

If you have back or knee problems or difficulty exercising with weights, getting fit with kettlebells may not be for you. If, however, you have no health issues and have a desire to get into the best shape of your life, you may enjoy the fast results that kettlebells can provide.

Getting fit with kettlebells can make you look great! It can make you feel more energetic and optimistic. Your self-esteem will improve, as your level of fitness improves. Others will soon notice the positive change in your overall well-being!

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Cyndi Waters is contributing editor to the Fitness Equipment Source, where you can learn more about the benefits of KettleBell exercising.