This was Simply Ghost Nights return to Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre after our previous visit earlier in the year which had been a rip roaring success. From our past trip there could lightening really strike twice and bestow all our ghost hunters such amazing paranormal activity yet again. The answer was yes the spirit world duly obliged even before the event had commenced, in the group vigil every ghost hunter was taken aback as we all heard the ‘heavy thud’ of a chair move in the theatre where we were holding the group vigil.

After some time in the group vigil a brave group of ghost hunters attempted an experiment of table tipping, and to the amazement of Tom and Leigh who were first time ghost hunters who had travelled that day all the way from Wales to join Simply Ghost Nights at Gainsborough, the table started to move, this also had Charlie, Sarah and Jo staring in disbelief at the movement of the table.

Subsequently it was time to split into smaller vigil groups and go our separate ways in search of spirit communication. In most vigils there was reports of glass divination and some extreme spikes on the K2 meters which were spiking on command. However the incident that no one can even now explain was in the earlier vigils, in both Rosey and Mel’s vigils they both recorded very loud banging from below them in what sounded as though it came from the theatre area (Mark and Philips vigil), in Stuart’s vigil he also reported heavy banging from above his own vigil he said “it was as though the removal men were in, dragging furniture”. This left Mark and Philip’s vigil as the would be culprits, as it sounded as though they were having some extreme table movement.

However when all the groups conferred a little later about the heavy banging which had gone on for a good ten minutes, both Mark and Philip agreed that they not made the noise as they had not had any table work in that vigil . We mentioned this to Edward our fantastic host for the night, who enlightened us all by saying that the theatre was nowhere near Stuart’s vigil and also this exact occurrence has been reported before when the building was only manned by one person, Edward described the noise he had once heard, “as though a dresser had been dragged across the room”.

This incident shocked all of us, because as much as we tried none of us could fathom out how on this earth the heavy dragging noise could have occurred without Mark and Philip not hearing it as Rosey said her group thought it was coming from the theatre and Mel stated the same too.

In another vigil Amy got channelled by a little boy, and one of our fantastic mediums Mel helped to calm Amy down and steady her nerves, this shows the need to have an excellent and professional team who are prepared to listen and help when they are called on. Another group made contact with a ghostly gentleman by the name of Bob through glass divination, Bob kept the group amused and entertained when quizzed by the group as to whether Bob was indeed the culprit who was moving clothes hanging from a pole in the upstairs women’s storage room, the glass moved to ‘yes’.

One vigil were having fun entertaining the ghostly inhabitants by singing the song ’you spin me around’ and the spectral occupants would obligingly move the table around in a table tipping experiment to the fascination of Steve, Jo, and Tom. Another group were clearly stunned when the table plainly chased Charlie, Tracey , Mandy, Jane and Becky on request around the theatre. Several ghost hunters claimed to have heard guttural noises in close proximity to them in the cell areas of the building.

Yet again the clock had beaten us and it was time to start packing away all the equipment, and the ghost hunters who had arrived as customers now left as good friends of the Simply Ghost Nights team, our thoughts turned to the fun and laughter we had, had at Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre, with the array of paranormal activity we had witnessed and recorded, none of us could understand the nature or cause of the mystery heavy dragging noise that was heard by so many of us.

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My name is Stuart Dawson I am a psychic medium, I am also a practicing spiritualist too and the owner of an events company called Simply Ghost Nights.
Simply Ghost Nights offers a unique event package, a ghost hunting event whether it's for a corporate function, or for individuals. Simply Ghost Nights is at the fore front of providing a wealth of experience and all the latest ghost hunting equipment for their ghost hunters to use.