The paranormal investigation at the Galleries of justice ran so smoothly and professionally in and in no small part to Ian our host for the night at this spooky venue. The Simply Ghost nights and the ghost hunters who attended the event were treated to some amazing spirit activity and one particular incident will remain with all those that witnessed it forever.

After a tour of the building and a sumptuous buffet the Simply Ghost Nights team and the brave ghost hunters attempted spirit communication in the court room of the galleries, on calling out for banging and tapping Rosey placed a K2 meter on the desk in front of her. Rosey proceeded to call out for the ghostly residents of the galleries to go to the green light on the k2, however many within the group suddenly noticed that a green light along the balcony of the court house began to dim on Rosey’s request to go to the green light. Every time the group then asked for spirit to go to the green light, the green light on the balcony would dim yet again on request. Not once did the K2 meter spike but the green light on the balcony definitely dimmed on request as though a spectral child was placing their hand in front of the light.

This incident delighted the entire group as it was a group vigil to begin the night’s paranormal investigation, each of and everyone of the group who saw it all admitted they would never forget the instance as long as they live.

After this we then all went our separate ways and split up into smaller groups of ghost hunters to see what the ghostly inhabitants of the galleries would participate in spirit communication. All the groups mentioned that they had experienced some excellent table tipping, and in a séance the spirit of a debtor had made his presence known, by informing the group that he was called Sam and that he had lived in Nottingham, but had ended up in the gaol for the debts that he could not pay back.

In the cells a group of ghost hunters were attempting spirit communication when Philip one of fantastic
our paranormal investigators asked the spirits to copy him whistling, and to the amazement the spectral beings obliged in whistling back to the sound of Philip whistling, this occurrence happened on numerous occasions when Philip whistled and asked them to whistle back to him. This amazed the entire vigil group that heard the whistling of the ghostly resident of Nottingham Galleries of Justice.

As a paranormal event per se the activity we encountered was frequent and exciting, but nothing could come close in excitement and sheer exhilaration as when the spirit child kept interfering with the green light in the court room. We have discussed this incident at length and attempted to come to a more natural conclusion, such as the possibility of a moth for example was in front of the green light, maybe an insect too, however the more we thought about a reason for the activity we witnessed the more we could only conclude that a spectral being was the culprit for the inference of the green light in the court room of the Galleries of Justice.

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My name is Stuart Dawson I am a psychic medium, I am also a practicing spiritualist too and the owner of an events company called Simply Ghost Nights. Simply Ghost Nights provides ghost hunting events at some of the reputedly most haunted locations across the U.K. Take part in séances, and use all the latest ghost hunting equipment.
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