The Simply Ghost Nights team were very honoured to be invited by the management of the Thackray Medical Museum to hold a ghost hunting event at this esteemed location, and for this kind offer we must thank the whole Thackray Medical staff for all their assistance in making the event run so well. And we hope to continue this friendship for many years to come.

This exclusive event certainly did not fail to live upto expectations regarding spirit the activity we may encounter, in the initial walk round the museum with our valiant ghost hunters the energies of everyone were certainly positive, this is something that the Simply Ghost Nights team have noticed the more positive energy and receptive to open up to their surroundings generally the more spirit activity our brave ghost hunters may witness or sense. With a packed house and the anticipation rising it was time to split up into smaller groups and go in search of ghostly communication at The Thackray Medical Museum.

In one vigil a group were listening and watching intently for tapping and to there amazement tapping started to proceed on request on the table, every time they tapped on the table the tapping would be copied by the unseen hands of a spectral resident of the museum. Terry witnessed the movement of dark shadows towards the far end of the room, and a significant amount of white light movement in the same area. The group watched in earnest as the light seemingly danced and grew in front of their eyes literally only metres from their faces, suddenly Clair then Emma very quickly screamed in terror to the shock of James and Matt and the rest of the group, both Clair and Emma nervously confessed that they had witnessed unknown to Stuart and in Clair’s very own words ‘a ball of light over Stu’s head and then it disappeared into Stu’s shoulder!’

This incident totally freaked Emma out so much so that she had to comforted by the helpful Mark one of Simply Ghost Nights most experienced paranormal investigators. This episode of light phenomena was only the tip of the iceberg in our brave ghost hunter’s endeavour for phantom activity.

In the large television room another group witnessed strange unaccountable light phenomena repeatedly moving in the room, and again there was not any reasonable answer as from where these mysterious lights were originated from. In this area most of the groups experienced some excellent table work, such as ouija board and table tipping.

In the eerie replica street from Victorian times a group were again conducting a vigil when Clair screeched in terror as she claimed that a ghostly hand had stroked her back, with no one near her Clair found this totally bizarre and frightening. In the same area extremely loud bangs were heard on request again this amazed the whole group who listened intently for any spirit contact.

Jo and Steve were gob smacked to have picked up in one of their vigils the discarnate voice of a gentleman spirit on Jo’s electronic voice recorder, as hardened ghost hunters and paranormal investigators this had them both delighted to have picked up a fantastic gem of hard evidence, of a possible ghostly voice from the beyond the grave of a supernatural resident of the museum.

Mel and Simon both mentioned that when whistling and asking the ghostly occupants to copy the whistle, the spirits duly obliged and a whistling noise was heard to be mimicked to the group, although the whistle was almost identical except for a lower timbre than the one Mel had done. It seems that whistling was just not confined to one vigil or group, Rosey also mentioned in the replica street that the whole group listened in awe as they too heard whistling been repeated back to them from a section of the area where nobody was stood.

In some of the vigils K2 spikes were also prevalent when called out for on request, and also Karen, Tracey, and Julie considered the sight of a table tipping for the first time absolutely amazing and something they will not forget in a hurry they said.

In another vigil a group of ghost hunters experienced some fantastic ouija board results to the fascination of Phil, Andy and Sarah, however this was not the only vigil to experience results with ouija Mel and Simon described in a vigil how a group of ghost hunters had made contact with a spectral being at the museum. Lean, Sam and Jan all stated that the night had been a real eye opener with regards to paranormal activity that they had been privy to at this most haunted of locations.

On the whole it was a definitely a really active night for all concerned and as our brave ghost hunters made their way home, we all felt that the night was abound with so much activity that we could not possibly have anticipated so much and also as frequently. Although the majority of the activity is logged it has been really difficult to give justice to so much information we gathered, a casing point is the volume of whistling that was heard repeated back from the spirits of Thackray museum, the ghost hunters who felt the ghostly unseen hands touch them. Every team leader mentioned fantastic examples of glass divination on the ouija board and table tipping. The amount of light phenomena recorded too by each group was also staggering, it was just one of those nights that we will talk about for years to come and we cannot wait for Thackray Medical Museum Part Two.

As Mark said at the end of the night it was as though the ghostly residents had been bottled up for decades and were released from their catacomb and were only too glad to communicate and participate in spirit contact as much as they could

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