One question on many people’s minds refers ghosts and their existence. Many people argue on the subject of ghosts, are they real or a hoax. There is credible evidence to prove that ghosts are real demystifying skeptics’ arguments.
Apparently, if you see a ghost today and tell to another person that you saw a ghost, hardly will the person believe you and will term it as simply a here say narrative. The listener is at will to decide if they want to believe the account or dismiss it. People who believe in ghosts prove themselves right with afterlife events. They also believe deeply in the soul and that life does not end with the last breath. The proof of ghosts makes our mind restful in our daily activities because we know too well there is more to come after this life is over.
Our individual idea on ghosts relies on what we have experienced in life with some of us having regular interactions with them while others, have hardly ever come across one. People gifted with clairaudience hear the dead in a non-verbal way, and this is so audible to them that they will sometimes tend to close their ears to shut off the voices.
Those that have experienced firsthand ghosts and their actions in whispers and touches or other movements can testify that ghosts are real. I once had an experience where a colleague left an office locked and suddenly someone invisible was turning the lock to open, apparently, this was a ghost experience. This is powerful energy to interact with and anyone gifted with ghost interactions should appreciate the gifting. Cynics worship their disbelief ideologies and denounce the existence of ghosts and spirits in their life.
Tips to know if your house is ghosts haunted
Homes with cold or hot spots without any evidence of cooling or heating up may have ghosts or spiritual activity. They are barely noticeable however; they will cause goose bumps and are very strong to the average person.
If the people in the home are constantly hearing unexplained voices at night, these may be ghosts communicating. If you have a recorder at home, you can record and if you are gifted, will interpret their discussions.
The other thing is pets who are obsessed with a particular location in the home. Animals are psychic as well and respond to telepathic vibes and occurrences. The animal may begin responding uncontrollably to a object that you cannot see, the best thing is to try and calm down the animal, these pets are naively psychic.
The best way to deal with ghosts in the home is to open your mind to them and allow yourself to have an experience with them while filtering your senses and allowing the environment to influence you.

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Rachel Ann writes for the psychic & metaphysical industry and offers fact based unbiased advice and overviews.


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