When was the last time you gave a compliment to a total stranger? How did you feel? Did you feel uplifted, happy, full of abundance? Truth is, by giving a compliment, you are gifting away good energy while receiving a good feeling while doing it. Living in a city of 17 million people, we may rarely receive a compliment let alone a smile, why is that? Is it that hard to give a compliment? Are we more secluded in a big city than in a smaller one?

Never the less, today’s journey should lead you into looking for reasons to give compliments. Whether at work, walking on the street or within your own family. Who do you know could use a compliment right about now? Believe it or not, but sometimes it’s the smallest gesture that can make the biggest difference. Raising someones spirits ever so gently…just because and improving the world one compliment at a time.

Is it hard for you to compliment others? Do you feel uncomfortable? Maybe you should ask yourself, how do I compliment myself? Or do you? Speaking kindly to yourself is vital to a happy way of living. I recently explained it to a client saying imagine you are your own cheerleader with pom poms and all, cheering yourself on! Being a supportive, lively, encouraging, loving, energized, powerful, confident voice that you should hear throughout your day. Can you imagine how you would feel if you had a mini cheerleader on your shoulder cheering you on, being your #1 fan? How would your day improve?

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