In this world of digital technology where human touch is depleting faster than ever, the special days of love like Valentine ’s Day hold a lot of prominence and place. The value attached to human emotions is beyond a price. Your bank balance does not owe happiness and quality of your life. Those who have love and togetherness of their beloved are probably the richest people in the world.

Couples who are madly involved with each other and lack enough bills to express their heart out, here are some beautiful and less expensive ways to share your feelings.

Who needs money notes?

LOVE is a Landmark Of Very Existence for many couples. Before you decide to think about some sassy ways to impress her on Valentine’s think of what exactly celebrates you as a couple. Remember what brought you two together for the first time? Are there common objects of desire? What you would want to have as a gift on Valentine’s?

Couples who are married or staying together for more than a couple of years are more likely to know the nerve of each other. They do not need to impress each other anymore. When you are struggling with cash, your partner already knows that. You need not depend entirely on cash advance or doorstep loans for spending a day out with your love. Instead focus on defining what you two enjoy the most and plan along the idea of togetherness.

She needs personal notes!

Chocolates are women’s best friends too. You can either buy bulk Valentine special chocolates or use creativity to design a special bouquet for your beloved. Bring some beautiful red and golden paper and cut some hearts of different sizes.

Cut contrasting color sheets of the same number as of the heart and write a personal message on each. Herein you can use your heart, wit, or anything you want. Write personalized message for her. Place a chocolate inside each chit and fold it. Now you can past this chocolate wrapped message on each heart and assemble all hearts using a string. You can use a beautiful basket to place the message string and also place some little surprises. Like: some of her essential cosmetics or coffee sachets and more.

Alternatively you can hand the string on the wall facing her bed or on your cupboard so that this is the first thing she sees in the morning. You can even ask her for a lunch date or announce a weekend getaway.

Relive special moments

In this age of selfies, you must have captured a lot of special moments in your smart phone. Why don’t you get a hard copy some really crazy moments. You can get the collage done either from a professional photo studio or do it yourself on your own laptop and printer. A lot of online apps also let you make beautiful collage without any cost.

The cost of making a personal collage of pictures would be too nominal. Despite bad credit you can beautifully express your love.
Not to forget

Surprise is one of the coolest ways to please your partner and get love pouring on self as well. You can take her to the place where you first met. In this age of YouTube, watching a movie with your beloved is not less worthy.

You need not spend money on flowers rather think of touching the chords of her heart, the way you did for the first time. Hope your poor credit health doesn’t become a stumbling block in your life ever and you stay blessed ever after in your life.

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Rachel Weston is a professional personal finance blogger. You can contact her for more money management tips.