Ciao Ciao,

A small gift to all of we have collectively been traversing through
the most transformational time of our collective existence together on this

We have every opportunity to transform the many realities that are looking
US square in the eye with great grace, love and beauty.

I have been creating these meditations in service to reconnect US to the
power of sound, mantra and visualization to help US adjust and realign our
frequency that we carry on a daily basis.

We have been tested in so many ways that it can be hard to keep our
frequency high during these times of growth and transition.

I gift you this 11.11 minutes tonal visualization for your listening pleasure and
to support you during this time of transformation.( )

Even if you do not meditate and you are inspired...Take a brief moment lie down
and connect.

Feel free to share with those you are inspired this is one of the gifts
I am giving for this season.

As you all are divine beauty and abundant in nature...Thank you for
reflecting your beauty to me.

I love you all...Deep BOW!

Author's Bio: 

-Inner Wellness Guide, Advocate for Global Change and Visionary & Strategist.