Boardrooms, PTA meetings, college classes, 9-to-5s, and 24/7s… this is the life of a Lady Boss. With more and more pressures mounted upon our shoulders, as women, we deserve a break. We deserve a space where we can let our hair down, kick off our shoes, and let our guards down. We need a safe judgment-free zone away from politics and social pressures. We need an escape. No heels or fancy bras or tight dresses. We need the exact opposite. So many needs, so little time. It’s starting to sound like WE need a girls’ night, but not just any girls’ night. Give it a new definition. Instead of going out bring all your favorite things to you. Don’t wait for a vacation. Treat you and your girlfriends to all the things you love. Make it an epic sleepover to remember. Here are a few ideas to get you going!

Go all out!

Pull out all the stops. Create a theme for the night and have the main aspects of the night revolve around that theme. From movies to food, make the night special. You all deserve it.

Order your favorite foods.

Diets do not exist tonight. This time should be spent indulging in the latest food craze or the best sweets you can find. It’s only one night. It won’t kill you to live it up for one night.

Hire Health and Beauty professionals.

Hand-pick manicurists, massage therapists, estheticians, etc. to pamper your party from head to toe, literally. Apps, like Mobile Styles, give you access to certified health and beauty professionals that show up where you want them when you want them!

Rent your favorite movies.

Chick flicks, action movies, thrillers, and the like are on the menu for the night. There are no rules here. You can mix and match your favorites or have a night filled with J. Lo or Lindsay Lohan films.

Make themed cocktails.

Celebrate your friendship with a menu of cocktails named after each friend. For example, you have this loud but totally fun and ambitious friend named Amber. Mix some tequila for her fun side with the fruit juices and mixers that describe her best. Mix them in a shaker and pour a few shots and name it “The Amber Slammer.” You can also name a cocktail after each of your friends' most dominant quality and have the other friends guess who the drink is named after.

Hand out parting gifts.

Design little party favors commemorating the celebration of your friendship. This doesn’t even have to be fancy! Here’s an idea. Go to your local CVS; pick up a few different personal bottles of alcohol, a few small bags of candy, a package of Post-it Notes, and little 3x3 inch photo frames. Write a thoughtful and inspiring message, place it in the frame and tie everything together with a bow. These favors are personal and tailored to your besties. They will never forget this night!

Combine any of these elements and you are sure to have a sleepover to remember. A night of relaxation, bonding, girl talk, and drinks are just the remedy for the life of a lady boss. After a night like this, your friends will know how much you love and appreciate them, you will have earned the title of “Best Party Thrower” ever!

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Created by Alisha Long