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Are you bothering the people around you every time you go to sleep? Are you having a hard time controlling or putting a stop to snoring? Then you’re not alone.

Snoring is very common. It affects both men and women, though there are more men who snore than women. There are toddler sleep problems too, and despite their pint size, they can create a snorting or rattling sound very loudly.

Snoring problems should not be taken lightly or even be considered as cute and funny. They may be signs of certain sleep problems.

Why Do People Snore?

As you go into a deeper sleep state, your entire body becomes more relaxed, even the muscles in the mouth, throat, and tongue. The throat tissues may become so relaxed they begin to somewhat obstruct the air’s passageway. Thus, every time you breathe, the throat tissues begin to vibrate. The snores, however, can become louder as the air’s passageway becomes narrower.

So How Do You Stop the Snoring Problems?

One of the sleeping problems, snoring can be dealt with properly. You can begin with the following solutions:

1. Talk to a sleep doctor. We mentioned that you should not just ignore snoring. It could be you have sleep apnea, which is a serious medical condition. Sleep apnea is characterized by very loud snores followed by periods of very short breaths. Sometimes you don’t breathe at all for a few seconds. This happens because of a graver throat tissue obstruction. Sleep apnea can also cut off the supply of oxygen in the body, forcing you to wake up in the middle of the night, gasping for air.

A sleep doctor can accurately diagnose your sleep apnea and recommend medications and other forms of treatment to eliminate it.

2. Drop the excess weight. Snoring is another reason why you should consider saying good-bye to the extra body fat. By doing so, you can widen the passageway of air.

3. Quit smoking. Though smoking provides you a warm and fuzzy feeling, it causes a lot of health issues, including problems sleeping. Smoking thickens the lining of the throat, forcing it to swell. When the throat swells, the passageway of air starts to become narrow.

There are a lot of good tips on how to quit smoking fast, and some of them are available in the Internet.

4. Change your body position. Do you know that you will less likely snore if you’re sleeping on your side than on your back or stomach? The latter puts more pressure to your neck. Sleeping on the side allows better airflow.

5. Relax before you go to sleep. Stress can also be one of the triggers for snoring, so you need to relax before you hit the bed. You can easily do so by using subliminal messages.

Before you sleep, consider thinking or reciting the following lines:

Tomorrow is another day.
I am hopeful about tomorrow.
I am eager to embrace tomorrow’s surprises.

By filling your mind with positive thoughts, you feel much calmer.

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