Want to give a great gift to your employees? What a great idea. Whether you are celebrating the holidays, a birthday, “just because” or it is a professional gift thanking them for a job well done – a thoughtful gift is always welcomed. But giving in the workplace isn’t always easy. It is important to give gifts of equal value to each employee to avoid hurt feelings (unless you are rewarding individual performance – such as commission sales). It is a common thought that the gifts themselves need to be the same but this is not necessarily true. The most critical thing is that they have the same approximate value and that your employees have the perception that the ideas have the same value. Understand that a thoughtful gift can go a long way to encouraging employee morale and boosting top performance.

Gift cards are an ideal to give in the workplace. The best thing about giving employees gift cards is this gives them the freedom to choose their actual gift. It also takes off some of the pressure of deciding what the actual, specific gift for each person should be. The best choices for cards should be stores that are easy for employees to get to, have budget friendly prices (so employees of all levels can shop there with confidence) and a wide variety of merchandise to choose from. Our best tip: think of some of the most popular gift ideas today and you’ll realize that many people love electronics. Giving an electronics store gift card is a slam dunk winner.

A celebratory lunch, dinner or other event is another excellent option as a gift. While at first you may wonder what differentiates this as a gift from a work event – the big difference is that it needs to be a social event and something that is a high premium. Tickets to a baseball game and a picnic afterward could be a fun event for employees to bring their families to in the summertime. One of the top things about giving this gift idea to your employees is it means everyone automatically receives an item of the same value and everyone perceives it as the same value. Best of all, your employees get to connect with each other on a friendly level and this can help them develop stronger personal relationships with each other.

Another ideal choice for the employee gift is something that relates to your industry. If you are an organic foods business, giving employees gift certificates to enjoy dinner at an organic food restaurant would be an ideal choice. They would have a scrumptious dinner out with their families and also get to see and learn more about organic foods and how they are presented and used in restaurants as they eat their lunch or dinner. This employee gift idea is a gentle teaching experience and must be handled properly. This needs to be a real treat and something fun that people would enjoy – otherwise it is more of a work duty than a gift.

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Just try to be thoughtful and fair when it comes to giving gifts for employees. Keep your workforce happy and productive with wonderful gifts for them.