If we were to try and reflect the gifts that we've given or received during a certain year it would take time and effort for us to recall. Some may be coninued to be enjoyed by the person receiving it, others may be broken or lost. A Gift of Health, whether it be a gym membership or our Hypnosis Gift Certificate, is something that not only helps someone now, but benefits them for the rest of their life.

At Harbor Crest Counseling, located in Rockland County in New York, we recently began offering the Gift of Health Gift Certificate. It has been very well received. It lets someone know how important they are to us, and has motivated people to take action and become healthier and happier. There are other gifts that also can make a profound difference in people's lives.
Life, especially nowadays, can be difficult at times.

Financial and other pressures can increase our anxiety and make us depressed. Habits, such as smoking, overeating or addictions may be used to feel better. Originally they may seem to help. As they continue to be used, though, they may become increasingly problematic and lead to increased stress and pain.

People may have tried to stop "bad" habits, but have difficulty staying stopped. Not only must someone stop smoking, using substances or overeating but tools to help making it through are needed as well.

Hypnosis, combined with counseling, is an excellent way to achieve change that is helpful for one's whole life. It helps people become free to handle situations in a different, healthy way. They can deal with the situation in ways that work, as opposed to doing actions that lead to guilt, shame and possible negative impact on their health. It helps in identifying obstacles, both conscious and unconscious, that have blocked success. Together with the therapist/hypnotherapist tools are developed to overcome obstacles and deal with anxiety and other feelings. Healthy living not only becomes possible, but is achieved.

Harbor Crest Counseling and Hypnosis provides hypnosis for a variety of purposes. Other providers throughout the country and internationally do as well. We offer the Virtual Gastric Band for Weight Loss, the Clean Break Stop Smoking Program and Clinical Hypnosis.

Whatever the gift may be whether it be hypnosis, massage or something else it will help them to feel better and be healthier.

If hypnosis is the choice as gift we strongly encourage that the Hypnotherapist be a licensed mental health professional with at least a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work or Psychology. In some states, like New York anyone can provide the service without any counseling background or degrees.

Wherever someone receives a gift for provides an opportunity to change and improve their health. An investment in someone we care about is a sound, caring and important investment.

Author's Bio: 

Randolph Bleiwas LCSW,MA,CASAC,SAP,ICADC,CHt is the Director of Harbor Crest Counseling and Hypnosis, located in Rockland County New York. He has Master's degreees in both Psychology and Clnical Social Work and state, federal and international certifications in substance abuse and hypnosis.