Give to yourself! I know that may sound selfish, but there is much confusion in the world about giving and receiving. The Bible says "It is more blessed to give than to receive." Acts 20:35.
This Scripture is true and we need to follow it. But a person needs to give to themselves as well. For instance, when we eat right and exercise we are actually giving ourselves the benefit of good health. Going to school gives us guidance and wisdom to better our lives and the lives of others. But we must be cautious how we give to ourselves. Bad habits such as smoking or drinking destroy our health and the relationships of those around us. For example, construction workers build cities. They give us places to work and raise our families. These talented people use the best tools, materials and blueprints. In the same way we acheive the balance of give and take by using our tools! Begin to assemble your tools on a daily basis.
Many times a person will not give to themselves because they do not want to face their own problems or insecurities. They expend enormous amounts of time, energy and money trying to "fix" other people, when in reality they are the ones who need repair. Their mind and heart need care but they ignore it. A condition like this can lead to low self-esteem, self-hatred, dispair or in some cases thoughts of suicide.

We are about to do an exercise. Please get a notebook and a pen. Divide the paper in two columns. Title the RIGHT side column beneficial on the LEFT non-beneficial. Under the non-beneficial write down all the things you do that hurt or hinders your life. The things that are ruining your health, goals or dreams. Be honest with yourself. In the beneficial column write down those things you are pursuing that are benefiting your health, relationships and so on. These two columns or skyscrapers represent the "construction and the destruction" of your life.

Those who come in contact with your "buildings" each day learn more by your example than by your words. Another analogy would be a pebble dropped in a pool of still water. The pebble not only causes a splash but it leaves ripples on the surface. These ripples last longer than the initial splash! Your example causes ripple effects on others everyday. Acheive for yourself today! Many times giving to yourself IS giving to others!

Author's Bio: 

David Wayne Thompson is a writer, actor, director and life coach! He is currently working on his newest book which will be posted on in 2010.