Many individuals, as they get older, often feel that their abilities are not equal to their ambitions. They have so many things to solve every day, while facing the continuously declined physical condition.

On condition that you ask about the health of men around you, some of them will say they have bad lungs due to smoking, and some will complain that they have something wrong with the liver due to drinking, and at times some will tell you that they are suffering from stomach problems caused by overeating of spicy and greasy food.

In fact, there are always some men are suffering from prostate problems due to these bad habits, but they are too shy to talk about it with others.

Prostatitis is one of them. Men have high self-esteem and are hard-wired to think that admitting they have a problem with their prostate is tantamount to undermining a man's attractiveness. So even if a lot of people suffer from diseases such as prostatitis, they won't say it out easily.

Doctors point out that the majority of men really do not need to feel embarrassed for this problem, since the prostatitis is simply the most common disease in men. Data shows that men of all ages are susceptible to the prostatitis. As long as they follow the doctor's advice and receive timely treatment, they will be able to restore health in the end.

Usually, antibiotics can be helpful for patients with acute prostatitis. While it becomes a chronic one, the patient is always suggested to try herbal formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for the treatment. It has a great effect on eliminating inflammation and can protect male prostate health. It has no side effects or drug resistance, so you can take it without concern.

However, when prostatitis occurs, the patient's life will be rather grievous. At the early stages of prostate problems, the first thing patients notice is a change in the way they urinate. If you've recently noticed that you go to the bathroom more often than before, and if you don't get up to urinate at night, you will feel miserable and even painful, that's surely a sign that prostate problems are on the way. In addition, men with prostatitis may also lose weight and suffer from mental problems at times.

Men with prostatitis tend to have three daily habits in common. Try to give up on these things, and your prostate problems will be surely reduced.

The first one is that many men don't like to drink water. Women are said to be made of water and women do seem to drink water more often than men. Some men are too busy to drink water in the office, so they just don't drink much water the whole day. They also tend to think that it reduces the number of times they go to the bathroom, so they have more time to work. But you should know that drinking less or no water or holding back urine too often can take a toll on the prostate gland and can even lead to urinary tract infections. To keep your prostate healthy, you need to drink plenty of water and urinate in time every day, so as to avoid bacteria infection. Warm water is the best, and drink less alcohol or carbonated beverages.

Besides, men always sit for a long time without moving. Prolonged compression on the prostate gland is the most taboo for male friends because it can cause congestion, which can lead to prostate problems, mainly prostatitis. Now it's the internet era, and many men have jobs that require long hours of sitting to finish massive tasks.

In daily life, you can see that most of the drivers are males. They tend to sit all day at work. If they work overtime, they will sit longer, which makes them more likely to get prostatitis. Male friends should try to avoid this problem as far as possible. Make a little time for standing and walking.

Additionally, many male friends are fond of spicy food. Spicy foods are the favour of many men. But eating too much spicy foods can cause serious damages to male prostate gland. The same is true of alcohol and tobacco. So it is suggested that male friends should eat more healthy foods, such as fresh food, vegetables, eggs and milk, to better stay away from prostatitis.

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