Winners Give Up Waiting for the Next Best Thing

Sometimes the grass really looks green next door…doesn't it? How many people do you know that seem to bounce from one direction or idea to another, from one relationship to another, from one career to another, one marketing/ business plan or employee to another? Before they have really made an investment in their previous choice? Is it possible that we have become a society that is raised with such a sense of entitlement, that we expect everything to come easy?

I firmly believe that a large percentage of us want results from other people, from projects, from lovers, from bosses, from coworkers….we want these people to invest in us without us having to invest any of our self in return. We’re always ready for the next best easy thing. It reminds me of something I learned over my life of study about “God” and the mechanics of the universe. Don’t we constantly pray to “God” and ask to have something or gain something or become something? (This is called a prayer of petition, which I believe is sadly the most common form of prayer in the west). Let’s say I pray to be a more patient husband and father. Do you think I wake up one day and SHAZAM!! I have the patience of the watchful, stoic mountain waiting for the babbling brook beneath to carve itself into a river? OR does life provide me with opportunities to be patient, to practice and become patient. If I wanted to change careers, or get a different job or follow my life’s passion, do I expect that it should happen instantaneously? I believe many of us do. Perhaps it’s more realistic to think that the mechanics of life turn and machinate circumstances and opportunities, closing some doors, opening new ones, and disguising opportunities as failures and setbacks…until we are finally led to where we want to be.

We all have heard that the divine works in mysterious ways. How about, “Be careful what you wish for as you will surely get it”? Winners have learned to look past the cover of the book and see setbacks and opportunities. They have also learned that if they keep passing up the opportunities the universe offers them…they’ll eventually stop getting offers! If you find yourself looking at the yard next door and you’re tempted to try and trade up…consider this an opportunity to fertilize and water your own. It may turn out far better than you could possibly imagine.

Author's Bio: 

James J. Maioho is a writer,consultant,coach business owner and manger from East Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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