Company that takes everyone with them works well than a company with the dictatorial laws. The relationship between boss and employee is very degraded and under – rated because most of the boss acts as a boss with a bossy nature instead of dealing with the employees in a lighter tone. Basically, this is not the way to run any business. But there should be a sense of love with which the business and work be managed. And what else can be a source of expressing love other than giving the gifts. There are certain occasions like thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, etc. that can be celebrated in an office. So, you need to buy some gifts for your employees as their bonus. Hence, these gifts should be something that they can use and not just the mere decoration pieces to be kept aside. Nutcracker sweets is a life savior in all festivities of life as it has a wide range of categories that cover all the festivals and the Christmas gift baskets are so lush that they can be given to anyone no matter if he or she is a kid or a senior citizen. The Nutcracker sweets offer such sort of gift baskets that everyone has a forever craving for.

Kosher Creation is the gift basket specifically containing the products of Kosher. It has a number of products to make your employee happy and satisfied and so eventually to increase your respect in his heart. These products are Toblerone, Charlie & Sam's Infusions Dark Raspberry Matcha Bag, Dark Chocolate Almonds, Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel Bar, Ghirardelli Square Dark Caramel, Kettle Chips - Sea Salt & Vinegar, Camdyn Dark Chocolate Drizzled Sea Salt Caramel Corn, Sabines Cinnamon Raisin Baguette Crisps, Godiva Assorted Dark Gems, Walkers Shortbread, Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Squares and 3 Pepper & Olive Dip. The price of Kosher basket varies with the size of it and obviously the number of items that are present in it. It is available in three sizes that are small, medium and large and prices are $ 50, $ 75 and $ 100 respectively. The basket in which the gifts are packed has a design of hand woven material. This basket can be given to the employee as a result of their promotion, festival holidays, etc.

Kosher Creation Medium is the gift basket of the same kind but it is quite cheaper in price because of the absence of some products. This gift basket includes Charlie & Sam's Infusions Dark Raspberry Matcha Bag, Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Square, Chocolate Shorbread, Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar, Ghiardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel Bar, Milk Chocolate Godiva Cashews, Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel Square, Walkers shortbread, Medium Salsa and Kettle Chips. This gift basket has the same woven design covering to hold all the sweet products. The gift basket is quite handy and affordable with the price of $ 75.

Kosher Creation Small is another gift basket being offered by Nutcracker Sweets via Kosher items. The items included in this basket are Charlie & Sam's Milk Chocolate Pretzels, Toblerone, Chocolate Shortbread, Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel Bar, Brownie Brittle, Ghirardelli Dark Caramel Square, Camdyn Dark Chocolate Drizzled Sea Salt Caramel Corn, Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar and Neal Brothers Pink Salt and Vinegar Chips. This one is comparatively smaller and so has small number of items included. It costs $ 50.

Nutcrackers sweet has been serving the best of your interests from 35 years. You can find any sort of gift basket for any event and person. The baskets for employees also have varieties.

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