Get your hands in the air…The Weekend is Here!! If you don’t know how much I LOVE weekends then you don’t know me…AT ALL. Weekends are my time to recharge the batteries, annoy my the family and get intimate with my creative side.

Now, I typically don’t recommend working on the weekends. That’s a major no-no. But, sometimes the “itch” to do something work related can’t be ignored. Before the end of the day, you just gotta scratch it. And scratch it I do, however, my work ethic on the weekend is wildly different than that of the work week.

Monday through Friday, I focus on a steady stream of activities designed to keep productivity in high gear. On the weekends, I transform into a barefoot hippie that spends time meditating and working on the wild child projects that leave me feeling free and alive.

Sometimes I work on inspirational blog posts or I tinker around with my website because I just can’t help myself. Most of the time I chat my head off on social media because during the week it would be a big time drainer. All weekend I burn the incenses, dim the lights and dream about where I want my business to go and what new ways I’d like to use to empower my clients to do the same. All in all, I give into my temptation and allow myself to just have fun with my business.

If you suffer from separation anxiety (as I do) here are a few suggestions for a rewarding work weekend:

* Let your creativity run wild. Brainstorm new business ideas and daydream about your successes. Don’t act on them though…just dream!
* Keep your notebook handy so you can capture all your inspired ideas and flights of fancy. You wouldn’t want to forget your flash of brilliance, would ya? When Monday morning rolls around you’ll be energized and ready to bring your ideas to life.
* Work on activities that refresh, revive, and nourish your spirit. Everything else…save for the daily grind.

Your weekend is about freedom, rejuvenation and self-love, but avoiding work sometimes causes more stress than just giving into the temptation. So if you must work…Feed your soul and embrace your joy in the process. Weekends are your time to fall in love with life, but if you find yourself falling in love with your business along the way…Added Bonus.


Action Step:
Let yourself fall in love…and then tell us all about it!

Author's Bio: 

Tylesha Juliano, the Simplicity Strategist & Founder of Sprout Productive, is charismatic and down-to-earth in her approach to empowering women to discover their appetite for business + life! Her brand, Deliciously Irresistible Living ™, illustrates a step-by-step recipe that leverages open space for living a lifestyle that leaves you full and satisfied. Pulling from her experience as a serial entrepreneur and more than 15+ years of administrative support wisdom, Tylesha uses hands-on methods to teach you the actionable and life changing systems she used to recover from business burnout and start generating tangible results daily.