Faith in your mind is like adrenaline in your blood.

Imagine that you are running for your life from a lion that’s looking to feed you to its family. Chances are you are going to run faster and longer than you have ever run before thanks to a little hormone called adrenaline. Adrenaline releases itself in the blood stream to better prepare you for emergency situations by boosting your supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain and muscles, dilating your pupils, and raising your blood sugar.

Faith releases inspiration, trust, courage, and vision. The good news is you don’t necessarily have to be in an emergency situation for faith to release its effects. To maintain a faithful perspective has amazing powers. If you are listening to the radio, you tune in to a certain station to pick up that station’s frequency. If you tune in to fear, you are picking up fear’s frequencies, and that station is not going to give you anything but more and more fear. Thoughts have unique frequencies themselves, so tune into a faith frequency and use these three tips when you find yourself confronted with fear:

1. Wait a Second. In your past, you’ve been afraid of something, everyone has. Think back to when you were a kid if you have to, your first rollercoaster, your first day of school, your first date. If you are reading this right now, then you survived it, and learned along the way. When you feel crippled by fear, allow yourself to be empowered by things you have overcome, because if it hasn’t killed you it’s made you stronger. You must trust yourself, trust your gut, trust your faith, and believe in it. Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Self confidence is one of the secrets to success. Confirm with yourself everyday that you are faithful and confident. If you focus on fear it becomes bigger, if you focus on faith it becomes a whole new point of view.

2. Look fear dead in the eye. It is important that you stand up to your fear, don’t let it bully you. Remember that fear is simply an emotion. Your brain controls your emotions, and you control your brain. “What you resist persists,” if you are constantly avoiding your fear it will constantly be holding you back. It is important to accept and explore what exactly you are afraid of and why. If you are not aware of what fears are holding you back from achieving something, you are in no position to deal with them. Becoming aware and insightful about what is holding you down will help bring you to the solution for any obstacle that you may be facing. Fear can be very powerful, but faith is more powerful, so if you choose faith, it will always prevail.

3. Give life all you’ve got, and life will give all it has to you. If you approach everyday with open arms and a love for life, life will love you back. Have an open heart and mind. Give thanks and attention to simple pleasures in your life that you love, have faith in the utterly infinite possibilities of each day, and you will start to find that each day has the potential blow your mind and exceed expectations. For every second that you choose to waste in fear, you lose a second you can enjoy in faith. Faith and fear go hand in hand, and fear ends where faith begins. If you are fearful, you are lacking faith, but fear will dwindle away as you allow your belief in faith to grow.

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