This article came about because of a lady who was considering enrolling in a coaching program that I offer for a coaching, consulting, training business.

And listen, here's what she was saying… The times we're in, you're hearing it everywhere. "Well, my husband got laid off unexpectedly four months ago, and I've been handling everything all by myself right now."

Okay, check. So far, those are the facts. I'm with her, okay?

And then she goes on, "And I just have to seriously consider about investing this kind of money in that project."

Now, of course, nobody spends money foolishly—we are all, in this epoch, in this moment (correct me if I'm wrong), considering our purchases and the way we direct the use of our money a bit more carefully.

We're considering the income a bit more carefully. Not everybody's down—not everybody's acting the same, that's for sure.

I told her, "Well, you want in this coaching, consulting, and training business," which is going to give her an opportunity to make huge amounts of money. We're talking about the "tens of thousands at a time" category. We're talking about the "3-8 times per month" category. We're talking about serious business here.

And she's talking about a mere $5,000. I looked at her and I stopped, because in this moment we all know the way the world is, the way the economy is, and I said, "Hmm. This is an important moment for you. You're telling me that you're interested in coaching others in this exact kind of situation."

I said, "The Gods are looking at you. What you do is going to make all the difference in the world, right now. What you do right now, in these turbulent economic times, is going to determine whether you can have integrity in this business or not.

"And I don't know—you have to be the one to decide if this has any value to you. We're offering you your own high profit, high prestige, coaching and consulting business that can spin off a million dollars per year for years and years running!

"Millions and millions if you play your cards right.

"I know you'll make the right choice. And I suggest that what you do right now is be someone more than you were yesterday, give more, give first!"

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