It's funny how if we give just a little something extra, we make a lot more sales. Let me explain...

The other day, a friend who recently returned to grad school for an advanced degree wrote on Facebook that she "has spent longer on Amazon trying to find $2.03 worth of something to bump her up to free shipping than she did buying all her books for the semester."

The sad part is that not long ago, I was doing precisely the same thing. Truth be told, I don't even remember what item I was buying on Amazon, but I remember spending far too much time trying to find something to bump me over that magical $25 threshold that would allow me free shipping. Eventually, I found it: some Japanese gummy candy. The funny thing is that the gummy candy cost me more than the price of shipping, and I never would have purchased that gummy candy if it weren't for Amazon offering the free shipping.

But this shows just how powerful it is to offer a little something extra. By simply offering me a little something extra (free shipping), Amazon got me to pay more for something that I never would have bought otherwise. And sure enough, they made more sales off of me as a result of it.

So, what are some nice little extras that you can add with sales of your product or service?

Can you offer free shipping with your sales? Can you offer an unconditional money-back guarantee? Can you offer individualized, personalized attention? Can you offer services to a very specific client type or segment? Can you offer additional, complementary products or services (e.g., a handbook that helps the client get the most out of a new product they just bought)? Can you create a special club and give your clients membership to it? Can you offer after-the-sale support or consultation?

Whatever you offer as a free bonus when prospects purchase your product or service, it will go a long way in attracting sales from new clients. These free little extras will pay for themselves many times over. Not only will people want the extras that you offer, but these extras will also differentiate you from other salespeople, giving people a reason to give you their sales instead of any number of other salespeople out there.

As you consider what bonuses you can offer to make your sales soar, let me just offer you one last caution: sometimes even if you do offer something as a bonus, your clients won't perceive it as a bonus.

A simple example: consider the numerous airlines that you can purchase a flight from. All of them offer you frequent flier miles, but do you consider that a bonus?

Likely not. The reason is that you're expecting your frequent flier miles! All the airlines offer frequent flier miles, and it's not really special when an airline gives you your miles. The frequent flier miles are not something airlines give you over and beyond what you already expect.

Make sure that if you're providing a little something extra, it genuinely is something that your competitors cannot or will not offer. Make it something that your prospects don't expect, make it something special to them, and they will return the favor by giving you lots of sales.

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Matt Vassar is a sales training consultant as well as a professor at Stanford University. His Secrets to Soaring Sales system can be found at: