Baby shower is a function hosted to celebrate the birth or the impending birth of a child. Traditionally such functions were organised so that women can share tips and advices on motherhood. The term shower is used here because the expecting mother is showered or rather presented with many baby shower gifts. Also, to make the function more delightful many baby shower games are arranged too. There are many fun games you can arrange in such parties. But if games are related to the context of the party they render more meaning.

You can arrange the guests into two groups and make them seated across a table. In the table you can have 2 baby dolls and 2 sets of baby clothes, diapers, wet tissues and baby powder and ask the guests to dress the doll. The aim of the game is to see which group can dress the doll fast by putting the right accessories in the right places. The team that finishes first can be given some gifts. Another one of the popular baby games is guessing what is inside the bag. Few paper bags can be selected and each bag can be loaded with some baby items like feeding bottles, pacifiers, teethers, rattle, soft toys etc. The bag is sealed and each guest receives a bag. The guests should guess what is inside the bag by way of feeling the bag with their hands without opening them. The person who gets the most number of guesses right wins the game.

Once you have had your fun with the games the next event would be the unwrapping of gifts. There are many possible ideas for baby shower gifts. As with the games if the gifts are in context with the event it will be more fun and useful. Some of the gifts you can give on a baby shower function are

- Boppy – a soft pillow and a toy for the child

- Baby bjorn – It helps the parents to take the baby for a walk

- Baby bath tub – Would be really useful for a would be mom

- Bouncy seats – Infants love the bouncy seats and they come in a variety of fun filled styles.

- Mommy bear – This plays lullabies to the child and helps putting the baby to sleep

- Baby book – Useful books about baby care will be a good baby shower gift

- First aid kit – This would be a very sensible and thoughtful gift

A baby shower is the celebration of the new born and not a chore to get done with. So if you want to make this celebration an enjoyable and memorable event for your daughter, sister or friend, then take time in planning the event. Invite all those friends and family members who matter the most to the would-be-mother and make sure she really enjoys the event. Planning some funny baby shower games and buying some useful and cute baby shower gifts can really thrill her and make the party a huge success.

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