Collaboration: Seeing the growth in fundraising in previous years; individuals, industrialists and charities are going to collaborate for a cross-nation cause. Charities are now looking towards government and industrialists for large issues like climate change, sanitation or food for all.
Transparency: Donor has the right to see where his funds are being utilized. A nonprofit charity must display all expenses on their websites. So, a user can see where the charity is spending their donated funds.
Growing concern over cybersecurity: Nonprofit business stores the millions of data and also accepts the online funds for their causes. With a rise in cybercrime, a charity has to protect their data from hackers to avoid any kind of theft. Nonprofit business are now tying with technology giants to protect their data from hackers.
Mobile fundraising: Mobile has become a part of everyone's life and millions of people are using it one daily basis and it has become center stage in all our areas and fundraising is not left out of this. The number of fundraising transactions in 2018 has seen 50% growth compare to last year and is expected to grow in coming years.
Personalized giving: Donors are now connecting to nonprofit through social media channels and sharing the heartfelt messages to charities along with making the donations.

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iConnectX is a truly innovative concept that leverages the need and power of professional networking to benefit not for profits. Professionals buy time from Executives and Experts and the proceeds go to Charity of their choice. The platform also acts as a market place for Not for Profits to market themselves, conduct events and auctions and much more. iConnectX combines the value of social and professional networking platforms, marketing platforms and fundraising platforms into one end to end solution.