TB Wright Part III

Now that you have read the first two articles concerning judgments, you are sufficiently prepared to go on and practice these techniques for giving up judgments, both visible, and invisible:

First of all, even before completing this list of things to do, it is important to start with one beginning task. This task is to decide in advance, just what you are going to use all your newly released energy for. Giving up judgments releases a lot of energy. Either you decide what it's going to be used for, or something else will. What that something else is, is subject matter for further articles, but suffice it to say that the invitation is to decide what your Life Purpose is, before doing this final reading. Life Purpose is the guide for all your energy, the way you choose what achievements it is to power up. There are a million sources, all of which will support you in wording your Life Purpose in the exact way you desire things to turn out. In the online seminar I offer, a whole week is devoted to going over what a Life Purpose is for, and how to word it in a way that has you, and all those around you, win. This work is about living in a world that works for everyone, with no one, and nothing left out. This is either win/win, or no win. That's it! And here's to your win!

Now that you have decided what your Life Purpose is, let's practice to release some of our energy that we already have, and are already using, for negative purposes, and instead, begin, over time, time and again, to turn it toward a devotion to the quality of our lives. A quality that only we can say what it looks like! Our voice, our choice.

1) First of all on all lists, is to acknowledge that you have both visible and invisible beliefs to begin with, and that they are always precipitated out of a judgment of some kind. Judgments are not right, wrong, or otherwise, they're simply judgments. However, some work toward our success, and some don't. Our mission is to more and more, over time, find the ones that don't appeal to us, disappear them with telling the truth, and then power up the ones that do work for our success.

2) Second of all is to determine your willingness to give up what does not work for your good, and instead, take up what does work for your good. What your good is, only you can say. So say it! Your voice, your choice. Make a list out of your goals, your desires, and what the fulfillment of your dreams in any area of your life would actually look like. And then set the boundaries for your satisfaction: That if X happens, then I will be satisfied, no matter what. Ask yourself, for these goals: "Am I willing?" Am I willing to give up all that doesn't work for my good, and instead, devote my time and energy over to what does?

3) Pay attention. As outlined in the previous two articles, upset, repetition, feeling bad, and any and all manner of angry thoughts and visualizations come up when invisible beliefs or judgments are operating. For instance, if you see a person zip by you in a car, there are a thousand judgments you have about them, that all happen so instantly, that most people not only are unaware of what they are doing, and the energy they are putting into supporting their judging system being "right," but as well, they are not aware that they are judging at all! Just because a thought you have "seems" right, doesn't mean that it is! It may in fact be right, but only to you! What does it mean that they're driving "that kind of car?" What it means is, they're driving "that kind of car" and nothing, not a thing else. Often, many of our invisible beliefs and judgments are hidden within the framework of not feeling self-worthy, and in being so, we project our own feelings of unworthiness into a judgment of others. Yet as Wayne Dyer said, "Our judgments reveal more about us, than they do about what we are judging." Ultimately, you will see that they are a judgment of ourselves, especially when you realize that we can't judge others, because you know who the only one who ever pays a price for our anger, upset, or makewrong is? That's right, it's us.

4) Practice realized truth. This is the "tell the truth now, tell the truth later" method of success. Truth is, we have thoughts, and we feel that they are "right," all the time. But are they? Are they really right, or are they only right? Only right for us! There are over six billion people on the planet after all, and all with their own private thoughts. Wow! Think about that. Once we fully and completely as we can, let this particular truth sink in, and then we continually, over time, time and time again, practice it, the effect it will have will be to release a tremendous amount of our energy, energy that we can totally devote toward manifesting our good. Now we can have all our energy flow toward attracting our good, as our energy is guided within the context of our chosen Life Purpose.

5) Are you willing? In the tell the truth method, it's more important to tell the truth, than to look good. If it's no, then it's no, if it's yes, then it's yes. Nothing more, nothing less, than that. So are you willing? Are you willing to have it all? Regardless of what your all is? Are you? Ask yourself, answer, and then simply be with the answer for a while, and let that truth sink in to your conscious mind. This is a lot of what we're doing here. We're transferring data from our unconscious mind (hidden, invisible, and what's truthful) to our conscious mind, (fearful, wary, sometimes truthful, many times not.) In this way, we begin to grab the reins and act in our lives with all of our incredible, full power.

6) What rules have you made up that stop you? For instance, I always had the judgment that X had to be fulfilled, "in order to" Y. Sometimes X was, "have enough money" in order to Y, "be happy." In the tell the truth method, this judgment has no relevance, other than the power we give to it. Truth is, we have it within our power to feel any way we choose to feel, and at any time for any reason. So if you want to feel a particular way, just look for a reason to! Blame feeling good on the sky if you have to! Look around you. There always are reasons to celebrate your life. Are you breathing? There's one!

7) Give it away to live it away. We have to first have, what we give away, or we wouldn't be able to give it away. And to the extent that we share with others, is to the extent that the Universe takes this as a sign that we want more, and then with All Its Considerable Power, provides the means and methods for the manifestation of even more of all our good. Give more away, then, and live more away. It's as simple as that. If you truly want to live a bigger life, then serve somebody. It doesn't matter who, and it doesn't matter where, it only matters that you do it now. Serving others also helps us develop compassion, and it's in having compassion for ourselves, when we are the most able and willing, to give up our judging! And that's when we have the most energy of all for the devotion of it to our Life Purpose.

8) Finally, and foremost all along, has been the maxim, "tell the truth now, tell the truth later." The more we align ourselves with telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, the more we will be free. Free from the constraints of worry, upset, anger, and the average daily "concern" that most people live with, as if the "way it is" always had to be "that way." It doesn’t, not when we free ourselves from that prison through telling the truth! And there it is, all you need to free yourself from the "way life is" paradigm, when life isn't "that way" at all, or any way at all, except that we say that it is. And certainly it's never any one way in a Universe where change in the only constant. What power we have, what power we have always had.

Now we are saying something different. Now we are saying that we desire to live within a world where everyone wins, with no one, and nothing left out. Where we win as much as everyone around us does! What a great world it is! Our voice, our choice. You go!

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TB Wright is the coursework creator of The One Penny Millionaire!™ a thirty week online seminar designed for your success. www.onepennymillionaire.com

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