General Knowledge and Current affairs are important sections while preparing for the Bank Exams. Preparation in Gk is quintessential not only from the scoring point of view but a Banker needs to be aware of the economic environment around the world. All the new projects, developments, industries etc, needs to be funded and the fund comes from the Bank. Hence, a Banker needs to know to have a fair deal of GK to be in a position to actually decide if the deal is going to be a profitable one or has chances to turn into a bad debtor.

There would be so many graduates who make an attempt in the Bank Exams. Such candidates must know the basics of Banking. The Gk might come in handy some time when you become a banker. You must stay updated though, even after cracking the Bank exam.

Tips to prepare for GK:

Read News Paper regularly for a stipulated duration every day.
Watch the news channels regularly, watch talks shows, documentaries, fact based films on NDTV, ABP News, and Times now etc.
Subscribe to the useful magazines/books, Manorama, India Today is widely used by most aspirants.
Subscribe to daily current affairs Quiz and mock tests online.
Make optimum use of the internet, Google, YouTube and Wikipedia are a good source of information.
Banking related GK:

The topics that are covered under the umbrella of Banking are:

Indian Banking Industry, RBI and Monetary Policy
Money Market in India
Capital Market in India
Public Finance
National Income, Inflation, and Economic Planning
Questions about RBI, its governor, recent rate hikes
Latest technologies used in Banking
Names of Banks chairman/MD
Important Financial Organizations
Frequently used terminology like NEFT, RTGS, Repo, NPA etc
5 Year Plans, recent developments in Banking sector, Mergers, Indian Economy, Policy decisions

Gk and Static GK:

The topics to prepare for GK and static knowledge for the exams are given below:

Indian and World Geography
Physical Geography
Indian and World History
International Organizations
Science & Technology
Awards and honors
Indian Politics & Economy
Current Affairs
Miscellaneous GK
Current Affairs
Important hydro power dams, atomic power plants, important national parks
Minister and Portfolio & Constituencies
Populations census
Awards - films, National, BAFTA, Grammy, Oscar etc
Persons in news – Death, most popular
PM visits to other nations, most recent deals
Important dances & festivals
International Head Quarters & World Organization
Important President & PM elected from various countries
Business News
Recent Central Government schemes
Important Stock Exchanges & Financial Institutions
Popular places in the world
Most influential, riches people, top companies by Times & Fortune etc
Important themes of events like International Women’s’ Day
National “& International News
Miss World, Miss Universe
Important project started by PM like Digital India, Make in India etc
Recent Schemes started by banks – Child Accounts, Pockets, Card less ATMs, Contact ATMs etc

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Books to refer
Lucent’s General Knowledge Book
Manorama Yea Book
Books by Dhankar and Arihant.

Websites & study materials to refer
Current Affairs Books PDF
Gk today

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Author is an editor and mentor for online exam preparation.