The gladiator styled shoe is one of the more popular styles of footwear on the streets lately. Gladiator shoes can be found in the form of sandals, stilettos and even wedges. The straps can also be from ankle length and mid-calf to knee length. Anyone can wear these shoes and with a few handy tips to keep in mind, you can be on your way to wearing these gorgeous shoes. If you have slender ankles, then ankle length shoes will certainly look terrific on you. For those with shorter legs or thicker ankles, the T-style should be your choice in gladiator shoes.

Remember to choose thin straps if you have thinner legs to showcase the slenderness of your ankles. Another point to keep in mind is to wear a neutral color when the outfit has prints and to wear bolder colored shoes when your outfit has a solid color. Shoe designers such as Jimmy Choo have also come out with gladiator shoes with a stiletto heel. It gives a fun and edgy look to your outfit. There are also gladiator sandals and high heels made from leather and snake skin that give the shoes a very unique look. Shoes made from exotic materials give an edge to your shoes which in turn can enhance the look of your outfit.

You can also find gladiator shoes made from synthetic materials that make it possible to have various shades of colors. Gladiator style wedges are also a delightful addition to your wardrobe and you can pair them with cropped pants, skirts or shorts. They are a twist to the ordinary pair of wedges and can boost your overall look. A different version of the gladiator shoe can be found in peep toe shoes. These shoes give a sassy look to dresses and skirts and look great when worn in a complementary color to your outfit. The gladiator sandal is also a great alternative to normal flip-flops or sandals and can be dressed up or down.

Worn with jeans, they give a very casual and laid-back look while giving off sassy appeal with worn with a pair of shorts or a skirt. For those who like the gladiator style, you can choose from those with zips and buttons to those that have to be tied up by wrapping them around your calf. They range in color from the conservative tan and brown to bold colors such as pink, purple and green. You can have shoes to match any one of your outfits and if you want your gladiator shoes to be versatile, go for a neutral shade like tan, brown or camel.

These colors will match most outfits and you can make it even more complementary to your attire by carrying a matching tote or bag. Gladiator shoes are not difficult to pair with any outfit. Keep in mind the few tips given and you should be able to wear these edgy, fun and flirty shoes to express your sense of style.

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