Gone are those days when wardrobes used to be brown-black colored, simple, wooden pieces of furniture, used to store anything and everything. Nowadays, having an interior-synced wardrobe inside each room is of paramount importance. To make your room look clutter-free and arrange your belongings and clothes in apple pie order, you need to have a wardrobe! After a well-suited bed in your bedroom, the thing that grabs the attention of the guests is your wardrobe, which makes it important for it to be ergonomically coordinated with the current bedroom design. Whether you have a big or small room, having a wardrobe in it is a must. Therefore, following are some types of cupboards you can choose according to your room’s interior and your taste:

1.A Free-standing Wardrobe: One of the most primitive and widely accepted type of a wardrobe design is a cupboard or a free standing wardrobe. This type of wardrobe can be moved around the entire house freely, without getting damaged, because of its utter durability. You can always change the colors and fabric of your free-standing cupboard in compliance with the changing interiors of your room. Another great thing about having a cupboard is that we can change its location seasonally. For example, if summers are on, you can place your cupboard, covering the window of your room, to let the minimum sunshine enter, and then moving it away from the window when the winter arrives, to keep your room warm! In Addition to its quality, free standing wardrobes are highly economical and serve the purpose without spending a world of investment.

2.Bespoke Wardrobes: A Fitted wardrobe is tailored precisely so that you have separately allotted compartments for your shoes and accessories. Whether it is about having a built-in vanity table or about having to light inside each compartment, it is all possible when you choose a fitted wardrobe. Fitted wardrobes are generally long and occupy a larger part of your room, so that you can customize the doors and the number of drawers of the wardrobe as per your convenience. Although the built-in wardrobes provide a large amount of space to place all your belongings safe, but there is very little scope for alterations! In case you leave the room , you leave this wardrobe as well! Also this a contemporary piece of furniture with the least amount of unused space in it.

3.Sliding Door Wardrobes: ‘Sliding doors’ mean no wastage of space in opening or closing the door, which means a big yes to this design of wardrobe! Aluminum or wooden wardrobes having sliding doors are gaining importance because of the chic look they impart to the room and the best utilization of the corners they make. Large mirrored sliding doors allow more illumination in the room by reflecting all the light supplied into the room. Wooden Sliding door wardrobes never look dated which makes them a tangible investment.

4.Walk-in Closets: What more can any girl ask for, than having a Barbie-like closet of her own! Such is the concept of the walk-in closets, that are a quintessential symbol of luxury! Step out of the bathroom and take all the time you need to decide on your daily look, in the walk-in closet. Walk-in closets are nothing but a small spare room, inside your bedroom, to store all your clothes and shoes and accessories and what not! It is just like a bigger cupboard storing everything in the best-sorted manner and offering an amazing amount of privacy. A regular vacuuming of the walk-in closet will make each of your possession look singly. You can own personal mannequins and store your designer outfits in the safest way as possible!

Once you have decided on your wardrobe according to the budget and your ease, you must make sure the wardrobe you buy, compliments the design of the rest of the furniture in the room. After all, this is the most important piece of furniture, second only to the bed itself!

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