There are times when you realize that your glass pipes, bongs or the bubblers are getting dirtier day by day and you look for remedies and tips to make sure that an excessive weed is not used while you try to smoke away all your anxieties and tensions as well as likes to keep it clean from any dust and dirt. Here are some of the tips to help you clean and keep it hygienic while you are not interested to buy the new one and keep enjoying your experiences with the old bongs and bubblers.

1. Clean your glass regularly:

One of the basic and the most essential thing to know about your glass pipes and bubblers is to know about keeping your pipes clean is through making a schedule of regular clean ups. Once the pipes have accumulated lots of dirt and filth in it, it makes them difficult to clean them.

You could use isopropyl alcohol and table salt, the mixture of the tow helps to rinse the pipes clean and also makes the glass clear of any kind of chemicals. Moreover there are also brands available in the market that uses various chemicals to help you clean the glass. You might check them out as well if you are a regular user of the bubblers and pipes because then you might have to go for more efficient methods of cleaning these pipes.

2. Changing the water regularly:

Another important tip for most of the users who are suing it for the first time is to make sure that you keep changing the water in the pipes it helps you to overcome the difficulty of unhygienic smoke as well as it also makes your glass pipes last longer and keep the smoke cleared for a larger piece of time.

3. Use hemp wick:

For a more natural and tastier form of smoke we often recommend people to go for the hemp wick. It not only keeps the smoke lighter and smoother but also keeps away all the unnatural chemicals from you while you could enjoy some of the most natural forms of smoke. It also burns lighter and therefore, keeps the glass cleaner and safer to use.

4. Use an ash catcher:

This might seem to you an unnecessary add on which makes it the air cleaner and reduces the ash that might be pull back on while you smoke from your bubblers and pipes. The ash catcher reduces the amount of the dirt that might get into the pipes and makes your smoking experience a much more pleasurable one.

So, next time when you look forward to have clearer and clearer smoke from the bubblers and bongs make sure that you have practiced some of these tips to maintain the hygiene of your glass.

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