There’s no shortage of smokers who love rolling their own customised smoke- be it a ciggy, a joint or even a spliff! And in doing so, glass tips play a significant role.

  • Glass tips are primarily used for enhancing the smoking experience. They prevent any herb from getting into your mouth.
  • Plus, using these filters when smoking allows one to smoke the entire portion of the herb without buying their lips or fingers.
  • What’s more; these tips are so lightweight that one can put it in their pockets and carry it along wherever they go. 

With all this, another key role played by glass tips is that it keeps the rolled joint/spliff/custom cigarette tight. This reduces the possibility of the smoke crumbling as the base of the joint gets the stability it needs. 

For those new, to rolling joints glass tips are a key accessory to enjoying the dry herb. It is sturdy, easy to clean and straight-forward to use. But the presence of so many options makes it tough to find quality options in the market. 

For one’s knowledge, here a look at two awesome options that’s worth the money. 

  1. Roach Motel Six Pack (Priced At $16.99)

This pack comes with a basic set of glass filters, more specifically 3 smaller tips for joints and 3 glass tips for blunts.

This Pack Comes In Three Variants:

  • Package A having 1 piece ($16.99)
  • Package B consisting of 2 pieces ($32.28)
  • Package C having 3 pieces ($ 45.87) 

Top suppliers even has a 5% additional discount for all registered members.

  1. Roach Motel (Priced @$32.90)

This revolutionary product presents 12 hand blown glass roaches fitted safely in a bottle. With this; one also gets a cleaning brush along with some tweezers. 

After use, the roaches can be soaked in a glass motel (having some alcohol solution or bong wash) and is then cleaned with a brush for reuse.

  • You get 12 hand blown glass roaches
  • 1 tweezer
  • 1 roach cleaning brush
  • And one glass bottle motel

Also, available in three packages: 

  • Package A having 1 piece and costing $ 32.90
  • Package B having 2 pieces and costing $ 62.51
  • Package C having 3 pieces and costing $ 88.83

Finding The Right Supplier Store:

  • Check their product catalogue, especially their smoke box offerings and accessories.
  • Some companies offer rolling trays, weed cutters and other useful smoking tools as a part of their smoke box, while some sell individually. So, that’s another thing one needs to check out.
  • Also check for their existing combo deals, merchandise and other cool accessories which could potentially help to boost the smoking experience.
  • The most essential aspect is the price factor. A lot of suppliers don’t adhere to the rates accepted in the industry. To get a fair idea of the market rates, perform a comparison between 2-3 service providers. Check their price bracket and select the one which suits the pockets nicely.

These are the aspects to check for when sorting out a reliable supplier. Use them properly, find a quality supplier (preferably with these two options) and make your purchase.

As per its market rating, both the aforementioned glass filter tips have lots of positive reviews. So, they are definitely worth buying.

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The author has heaps of knowledge when it comes to selling glass filter tips to avid consumers. Moreover, the writer also loves writing and with articles and blogs explains the readers about the functionality of glass filters.