Divination is a fascinating art that has been around for a very long time. There are many types of divination; from scrying, reading tea leaves, a crystal ball, reading the palms of the hand, psychometry (the holding of a personal object and receiving psychic impressions, images and messages for the subject) reading runes, tarot, angel, native American, inner child, fairy, goddess, archangel, and many other types of cards as well as regular cards. There are Astrology and Numerology readings, both of which I utilize in some of my readings. Some Psychics and seers read gemstones. There are no doubt other means of divination that I have not mentioned.

I would like to talk a little bit about another type of ‘divination’-the desire to see or catch a glimpse of the ‘divine’ as some refer to the divine as All That Is, Great Spirit, or God. Since we ‘seers’ engage in extending our vision beyond the third-dimensional sphere, it is natural for us to reach out even further until we glimpse vistas beyond mortal reach. Some of us have learned to step through time and to behold people, memories, and places that go back in time to hundreds or even thousands of years as we would calculate years in earth time. We have opened and stepped through the windows of time to find ourselves upon the shores of ancient civilizations such as Atlantis, Lemuria, the Roman Empire, the Greek Hellenistic cultures, ancient, Chaldea, Mesopotamia, China, Peru, the Middle East and so forth.

Those ghostly whisperings from the voices of yesterday can be so real and clear that the past can take on as great a reality as the present. It is fascinating to make such journeys into the past, and to take our clients on such past life journeys as well, as long as we don’t allow ourselves to get stuck in time. This seldom happens but should some, let us say, less mentally or stable personalities engage in such activities, without supervision from a trained shaman, or psychic, such could and has been known to happen.

Be that as it may, visiting the past is not always enough. Some of us seers have the soul urge and need to even catch a glimpse of divinity itself, however faint they might be. We may even harbor a secret deep yearning to behold the very face of God, if that be possible.

Many years ago I wrote a little piece titled Glimpse. It resulted from a yearning I have had all of my life to behold the form of God, whatever that could possibly be if it can even possibly be. When I wrote my book Morning Coffee With God in 2005, my central character who, referred to himself as Mr. Divine, had some things to share about that writing. You can find Glimpse on the Teacher Feature Page where you click on the link-the Spiritual and Mystical Writings of Michael Dennis.

I still often vividly recall those dream visits where I had morning coffee with God. We talked about many things. His words were kind and very deep. His countenance was angelic. He was handsome, strong and ethereal all in one. He told me one day that he was the one who inspired me to write Glimpse. When I woke up I recalled the dream very vividly. I had a desire to get up and go search for the writing. But for some reason, fatigue overtook me and I fell back asleep. I wondered if my divine guest had something to do with that because moments later he appeared. I’d like to share some of that conversation with you.

“Good morning, Michael. You have sure been pondering some deep mysteries as of late.”

Mr. Divine cocked his head forward and looked at me with his penetrating glowing eyes. I instantly became giddy as I always get lost in his radiant blue eyes. I felt that if I gazed at him even seconds more I’d melt into star dust and disappear into nothingness. I quickly looked away.

“So you want to know what I look like? Before I respond to that question I’d like to hear Glimpse. Inspirational writing often describes what ordinary speech can barely approximate. You pretty well sum things up in that one. I think it is one of your best. Before reciting it will you do the honors again and give some background for the reader’s information?”

“I think I have been waiting all of my life to write Glimpse. From the time I was very young I was fascinated with the idea of beholding the face of God. The story in The Bible of Moses and the burning bush has always intrigued me. My eyes would get all big as I read about Moses asking God who he was, and God replying, “I am that I am,” and he basically told Moses to look away because to behold his form would burn him to a crisp.

“The idea of the finite beholding the infinite goes way back with me. As a kid I was determined to see God. I believed and felt in my little boy heart of hearts that God was kind and real, and I was filled with a yearning to look at him face to face. I’d look at the pictures of Jesus in church and other places and lose myself, and I wanted to see God.

“I remember when I was four years old when we lived in a big white house on a hill in Belmont, Kentucky. There was a little wooded area behind our house where I used to wander. There I’d talk to God. I also talked to the squirrels, the birds and to my many invisible and imaginary friends as well. I remember that I’d turn this or that log over hoping to find a clue as to where God might be hiding from me. I’d look behind trees, in ditches, in creeks and hope that God would smile at me over my shoulder. I looked any and everywhere I could find to look. I even looked in an old cedar chest at my grandmother’s and in the dank dark closets upstairs to see if God might be hiding there.

“Like the two characters in the play Waiting for Godot, I guess I was also waiting for God to show up. He never did but I never gave up. As I grew older and my intellect blossomed, I began to entertain the idea that to behold God’s image would not be like seeing another person face to face. There must be more to God than a human portrait could possibly portray.

“Several years ago I had a strange dream where I was in a room full of mirrors of all sizes and shapes with a voice thundering overhead. I immediately looked up and was taken in by the masculine strong voice that was speaking words I could not make out. I was very attracted by the booming power in that voice, although which was very strong, still felt benevolent to me. The mirrors began to tilt towards me and each one made a little musical tinkling sound as they turned. I began examining each one in hopes of discovering what lay behind them. Perhaps God was playing hide and seek with me.

“When I got to the last mirror I saw a little button in the middle, slightly above my neck which said push. I pushed the button and the mirror became a portal that opened. I stepped inside to the blackest void I had ever seen before. I could not even see my finger in front of me. I tried to let out a yelp but found I was voiceless. I finally managed one word, “Help” then I awoke. That dream was very unsettling to me. I felt that the portal and the blackness were some kind of clue. What lay behind that void? And why did I wake up? I wanted to go back to sleep and finish that dream more than I have ever wanted to return to a dream.
I started whispering three words, ‘take me back’. As I repeated them over and over in a little sing song chanting voice, I began putting myself into some kind of hypnotic trance. I became drowsy then drifted off to sleep. But the dream did not return. When I awoke a few minutes later, I had a strong urge to get my pencil and pen and write. Glimpse is what came forth. I was so impressed and moved by it that I immediately memorized it,” I said then gently recited.

Whence originates this yearning to behold the face of God? Do I really believe these mortal eyes could behold such luminiscence? Would so much light engulf and annhilate me, or would it perhaps burn through my mortality until it reached the seed of my soul? Can the soul be perceived and felt with senses unscathed by mortal form? Can transcendental love and celestial realms, which poetry and song attempt to unveil, dwell deep within my soul? Are there clues which can help me discover the realms of the Immortals? Are the whispers of the muses more than dreamy tones of fancy? Can the voices who sing in my dreams soothe me with divine music when night sleeps? I hear no answers, but I feel a sense of peace and joyful anticipation. Soon my longings shall know rest. My wandering mind serves me well, leading me to the golden immortal gates. The search is nearly over. Innocence opens the door for me there to behold the face of God. I slowly open my eyes and approach an oval mirror where I behold written in silver, the word, Love. I step inside then question no more!

We were both quiet for several moments then Mr. Divine spoke.

“The answer to your question is simple. My essence is love. When you step beyond your limited finite mortal thinking and acknowledge your true essence, then you will acknowledge mine as well. You will then realize that I am “everything” so I look like everything. I can take on any appearance and don any form I choose, wear any mask or outfit I desire. As you learn to see with untainted vision you will behold the unadulterated beauty that lies behind every form and know that it is all part and parcel of who I am. And equally important, it is part of who you are.”

I wanted to ask if God is also the demon that tries to possess an innocent child, the murderer that kills ruthlessly, the bank robber, the rapist, and so on. But I could not. I was speechless. Nothing mattered right now. Nothing was more important than “this moment.” I wanted it to last forever. It was magical. It was miraculous. No matter that this was all a dream. I was standing in the presence of the Almighty. It was real to me. Mr. Divine smiled at me and reached out for my hand. I wanted to bask in His presence forever!”

“Now, every time I look about, I have the sensation that eyes are watching me and I also have a warm feeling that the eyes are equally watching over me. My heart beats in joyous delight and I give gratitude as I realize that we are are a part of all that is, all that has been and all to be born. The words of the Sufi proverb come to me:

“I searched for God and found only myself.
I searched for myself and found only God.”
~~~Sufi Proverb~~~~

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