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The world just keeps getting crazier as time goes on. I wonder why? I see a lot of destructions taking place; trees are being replaced by tall buildings, etc. Looking at this shocking picture made me question myself. What action can I take to stop whatever that’s happening around the world right now?

The questions arose as I read more and more articles related to nature and the environment. Something went wrong somewhere. Let me bring y’all back in time. After the big bang, atoms and particles and gases formed what we are habituating right now, our only home called earth. At first, the earth was filled with oceans, jungles, forests, mountains etc. And then there were dinosaurs. And once the dinosaurs were wiped out by meteorite (Or climate change according to research), there was nothing until we, humans came upon. These are all facts and you all know this very well.

But, as time goes on, development started to take place. There were offices, small buildings, houses and so on. Not to forget, technology was born and it evolved as we humans refined it through many different generations as to what it is right now. One thing that made us blind was the $ sign. Coming back to the present time, no matter where you go or what you buy, it’s all about $.

Deforestation took place basically because of money. ( check out this video. We build houses and buildings for the people to stay and work. An estimated 18 million acres (7.3 million hectares) of forest, which is roughly the size of the country of Panama, are lost each year, according to the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization. Are you all aware of the massive destructions that are taking place right now? I bet most of us won’t even watch news as we are too “busy” with our habit patterns.

I feel it’s a waste of time for us being here if we can’t do anything about this. Recently I read an article titled “Unfu*k the world” by Collective Evolution which talks about how messed up our world is right now. Wake up from the system that you are trying to work hard and die protecting it. In another 30 years or so, our earth is going to be filled with just oceans. Human race is going to be wiped out. We are here to clean up the mess, not to create more mess.

As I’m watching all the destructions taking place, I'm aware that the 1st and the the 7th law (Law of Energy Returns Back to Source and Law of Balance - is doing it’s job. As soon as everything is destroyed in this planet earth, a new civilization will be created, where there will not be any other destructions taking place.

It’s time for us to make the change, not wait for the change to happen. It starts from you. So don't wait any more as there is not much time left for us. Do it before it's too late.

- Nilesh

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