What’s the one food you probably eat every day that you don’t even know you’re eating, that causes Muffin Top?

Just FYI there is one 'food' that’s in almost all processed foods; is often used as a replacement in gluten-free foods; is erroneously revered by many health-food companies & is even used to make the bottles we drink from & it causes Muffin Top!!! Yikes!! You're pretty savvy- wanna guess what it is?

You give up, eh... well...

There are more than 1000 different names put on food labels for a food that causes changes in the estrogen balance in both men and women and even children! Its corn. Corn is used as a replacement in most gluten-free processed foods. Its used as high-fructose corn syrup in sweetened drinks, energy drinks included.

And... get this: pre-packaged diet foods have this ingredient which is the most highly-addictive food substance in the world in my opinion. The diet food industry puts it in our foods (as do non-diet food companies) & get us addicted to the foods because if they worked & we lost the weight we'd stop eating them, then the companies would go out of business!

And because there are over a 1000 different names for corn, we don't recognize it; it slips through the cracks of our diet-discernment... & we keep eating it.

We think gluten is the problem (because that's a popular belief these days, I have a different opinion but that’s for another discussion), so we look for gluten-free foods and our symptoms change, but we never get completely better...

We keep eating the gluten-free food (or whatever our thing is) thinking that it made some difference, but we're expecting it to completely make us feel better, or lose weight or what-have-you, when we've just replaced the problem. Gluten is addictive, but corn takes the cake, pardon the pun!

And because corn is so cheap, its in everything! The receptors in the brain that work with dopamine and serotonin, are also affected by the foods & chemicals in our environment. They are kinda shaped liked pacman... with the mouth being the keyhole... & the key is the same shape as the thing we are addicted to.

Dopamine & serotonin are the relaxing & happy hormones (or neurotransmitters, depending on how they are used in the body.) They are the same receptors that are controlled by heroin & cocaine, being extreme downers & uppers! That's why doctors prescribe tranquilizers when a woman comes to her doctor to complain & most doctors don't understand nutrition.

Many nutritionists don't understand this. (I had a daughter who was hooked on both cocaine & heroine, who I was able to get off these drugs through nutritional remedies, although I don't know if I could help everyone else, but it taught me about the brain receptors in my research to help her.) Corn is just as addictive as cocaine!!!

And that, my friend, is one reason why we have such a hard time getting rid of our fat.

Our bodies store toxins in fat cells, as well as in repaired cells of injured tissues. When we lose weight we release toxins & feel sick so we stop trying to lose weight; it creates a vicious cycle. We punish ourselves trying to use will power to avoid the offending food, only to give up too soon & yo-yo diet.

We train our brains to know how much we’ll suffer through withdrawal before we give up & succumb to what we're addicted to. When we try to muscle through with just conviction as our army we’re doing it the hard way.

There are special foods, herbs & supplements that can help with the withdrawal, with the releasing of the toxins being released & will help us give up corn... or whatever food you’re addicted to.

Corn is just one of the 'secret' hidden food addictions we don't even know we have.

There are ways to know what’s causing your body to gain belly fat & and how to release toxins safely, stresslessly and without creating a vicious cycle of causing the adrenal glands to go into overdrive, producing more cortisol which creates more belly fat among other things.

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