Now more and more men are suffering from prostate diseases, especially prostatitis. If men's prostate health is affected, they will have urgent, frequent, and painful urination symptoms. In some cases, they will experience pelvic pain and even sexual dysfunction.

If the symptoms of prostatitis are not regulated in time, it may be easy for men to have premature ejaculation and impotence. At this time, it will have a significant impact on men's sexual function and fertility.

If the symptoms are more severe and have affected their lives, they should go to the hospital in time for examination and timely treatment. Acute prostatitis must be carefully sterilized to recover because it is mainly caused by Mycoplasma, chlamydia, and Streptococcus infection. According to the doctor's advice, people should go to the hospital to check and confirm what kind of bacteria it is and then complete sterilization.

The treatment of chronic prostatitis is more complicated. Bacterial or non-bacterial inflammatory lesions will damage the glands, resulting in stiff and sclerotic lesions, resulting in the decline of gland function. The focus of stiffness and sclerosis is formed by local nerve and capillary necrosis of the gland. The hardness, location, and size of the focus determine the degree of damage to the function of the gland.

Therefore, to activate the dead blood vessels and nerves, men should choose strong and effective drugs. It must penetrate the gland capsule directly to the focus. The drug that can achieve this therapeutic purpose is safe and effective herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. The meridian guiding drug in the prescription can penetrate the prostate and work. It can eliminate symptoms and cause to achieve a complete cure. Also, it can prevent inflammation from spreading to other parts, and it works on the whole genitourinary system.

If the inflammation is mild, it is enough to adjust the daily habits and diet. I believe everyone knows such a sentence- "Illness comes from the mouth." Therefore, if men can not control their mouth in their daily life, they may aggravate the symptoms of prostatitis.

1. Alcohol

Many people have the habit of drinking alcohol daily, especially for some men who have more work, entertainment, or friends gathering in their daily lives. But if men have prostatitis, try to avoid alcohol.

Because some components in alcohol can dilate the human body's blood vessels, at this time, the internal organs of the human body will have the symptoms of congestion, which is not conducive to the recovery of male prostatitis. So once men have prostatitis, then try not to drink to not cause more significant harm to the body.

2. Spicy food

Many people's diet tastes are relatively heavy. They often eat some spicy and stimulating foods in their daily life, such as garlic, green onion, pepper, pepper, and other condiments. Although adding these condiments and dishes is more delicious, it will also affect men's prostate health, especially prostatitis patients. Eating this food frequently will easily make men's prostate expand and congest, which is not conducive to urination.

At the same time, it will also have a significant impact on the recovery of prostatitis. Therefore, men must pay attention to their diet for their health.

3. Cold drinks

Many people have the habit of drinking cold drinks in their daily life, especially in summer. The taste of cold drinks is better and deeply loved by the public, but cold drinks are not suitable for regular eating. If men often drink cold beverages, it is harmful to their gastrointestinal health, especially for some men with prostatitis. Often eating some raw and cold food may easily lead to a sharp contraction of men's prostate. At this time, men can not discharge urine smoothly.

For example, cold food or frozen drinks men often eat in daily life will aggravate prostatitis symptoms. Therefore, men must control their mouths daily and not eat some cold and exciting food.

Prostatitis is not a disease with antibodies in the future. It is like a cold. After treatment, the human body will not produce antibodies. If you ignore some daily habits and have gluttonous habits, the symptoms may come back after treatment.

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