GlycoNutirents is a term relating to sugars considered necessary for our bodies to function correctly.

So you're maybe wondering the reason I am talking about sugar, because if you're an American that is the one element of your diet that is not slacking in any way. Thus let me escort you down this quick adventure, and I will show you how a huge amount of us aren't getting the adequate amount of sugars we need.

We all know that sugar makes energy. That's why snack food advertisements show someone grabbing a treat and then acquiring the energy to make it through the day. But did you know that sugar does much more than create energy? Also, remarkably there's 8 main types of sugars that your body needs to survive?

There are few of us who do not know about at least 2 of these sugars Glucose and Galactose. But what if I shared with you that there are in fact 6 others, and they are so imperative that having them devoid from your foods would bring about hidden destruction in your body. They are so vital that they attach to every cell in the human body, are a main deciding dynamic in personal cell-to-cell communication, and connected to 50% of all proteins in your body.

They are so influential that they are the deciding component in receiving blood types O, A, B, or AB!! In so much, these nutrients are the main reason that there are differences in the blood types at all. To allot you a short illustration: A Blood Type & B Blood Type are nearly identical. 5 of the 8 sugars are fixed to their cellular walls, and with 4 of them there is no difference at all . It is only the last sugar that is different. Nevertheless, you don't have to know a bunch in relation to the human body to figure out that if provide only a small amount of the inappropriate blood type your body will emit anti-bodies, hunt for and destroy the flawed blood type, and off to the calling hours we go. That's why they refer to the sugars as antigens. One sugar? One sugar is the only discrepancy, and yet it decides the fate of that person. One plain sugar has the force connecting life or death. Are you beginning to understand that if one small nutrient is capable of doing an unbelievable amount of destruction what if you took away more? How would your body reply? Do you think you'd grow sick? Do you think your immune system could last without them?

Auto-Immune Diseases, Heart Disease, and Cancer are a few of the top family destroyers in the U.S.. Moreover, 1 out of every 3 people will acquire cancer in their life time. Everybody these statistics are just unacceptable! Are our bodies really killing itself due to the fact we have depleted it of the basic means to survive? If that's reality why aren't we all suffering from these diseases? Shouldn't this be noticeable with everyone, and not just some? To truly comprehend that essential question we are required to first understand how are immune systems were designed to accurately operate.

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