GMAT is the computer adaptive test also knows as the Graduate Management Admission Test. The GMAT test is conducted to test certain analytical writing, quantitative, verbal and reading skills.

As per migration to Canada perspective to do MBA you required to score 550 ranging from 500 to a high of over 600. The average score attained by MBA students, however, is 606.

To take admission in top schools of Canada like Rotman, Schulich, UBC, Richard Ivy, HEC Montreal, etc. you required to score GMAT ranging from 650 to 20 which depends on the program and the university you choose.
Taking GMAT coaching classes helps a lot to get good score of around 700 to 760. But going with big brands like Jamboree dose not really work out. We can see the big brands and big claims by the coaching institutes but literally no value addition, simply wastage of time and money.

ACE Campus in Tilak Nagar has a unique teaching methodology & well-researched material for the students seeking for scoring good marks in GMAT.
Things you should know about GMAT while applying for MBA Abroad

• If you are applying from India or China you must add generally 20 points to the average GMAT score.

• You should also know that a good GMAT score does not guarantee admission as the universities have different criteria for admission of students.

How can you prepare for GMAT in less time?

1. You need to study every day – Take your GMAT study material and try to work on it consistently. As you are working full time still you need to invest at least a couple of hours in the morning and evening for your studies. Don’t make a habit of studies at weekends for scoring good marks you need you’ll need to do at least some GMAT every single day. You can utilize the time during traveling while sitting in bus or train. If you are traveling you can listen to some of the tips and tricks to perform well. You can ask your college or partner sitting just beside you to ask questions related to GMAT. Therefore you need not take extra time with table and chair for studies every day. You can simply learn GMAT in your daily life in this way.

2. Know your weaknesses- So while starting your GMAT, what are the things you focus on. You Maths skills super rusty. Do you know how to approach your critical reasoning part? Most of these types of problems are caused due to long periods of time not using these concepts. You can turn these weaknesses into strength if you practice early and often. Knowing your areas of struggles you can take out different strategies to get up to speed. Is Arithmetic got you down, learn your multiplications table by heart. In short the sooner you know your weakness and strength you can easily plan you way of studies.

3. Must study in short blocks and rotating concepts – If you are continuously studying with the quant of 7 or 4 hours of sleep, you are really making your brain tired. Try to practice at least 3 different question types each day. You can study in breaks like 1.5 hours of reading, 2 hours of quant earlier in the days, taking breaks and again spend 2 hours for sentence correction.

4. Review more than you think- Follow the 40/60 concept in which use 40% of your time in answering the questions and minimum of 60% of your time on reviewing incorrect questions, analysing your strategies, sentence grammar correction, watching Maths videos, reading blogs etc. Many questions are difficult to understand but by finding your weakness reviewing your studies you can quickly apply your tricks and jump doing more same problems questions to be expertize in same.

5. Take at least 1 GMAT practice test in a week – Students must plan to take minimum of 4 full length practice tests. You can skip the AWA section if you have shortage of time but you must do the IR section as it is the same type of material on which you are given a score. Also in the final week or two you must consider taking two practice tests per week. The common problem for every student in first attempt of GMAT is stressed out by the timer and the environment. The only solution for this is practice.

In the end stay positive. Let the looming deadline motivate you to do good in your exams. If you have good attempt, you have your story to tell your friends, family or relatives if you didn’t get the score you want you have already set yourself with a solid base for the inevitable rematch.

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