GMC PLAB – What is It?
The full form of PLAB is Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board. This test is conducted by General Medical Council or GMC of UK. Objective of -PLAB- test is to check suitability of the overseas doctors and International Medical Graduates (IMGs) as senior house officers in British hospitals.
GMC PLAB Test - Who Need to Take this Test?
If you are an overseas doctor or IMG and want limited registration to practice medicine in United Kingdom then you would require passing this test.
General Medical Council or GMC is a statutory body that is responsible for maintaining standard and regulating medical profession in UK. If you, an IMG (International Medical Graduate) or overseas doctor, want to take up any training related to medicine and medical field then the first thing you would require to do is to obtain registration with General Medical Council.
What Type of Test is GMC PLAB?
The primary aim of the test is to assess the capabilities of an IMG or overseas doctor, whether he or she is employable as a senior house officer in a hospital of United Kingdom. The concerned examination examines the following aspects of the candidate:
a) Medical knowledge
b) Clinical skills
c) Communication skills
Simply memorizing the questions of previous years will not help your pass the test. There have been certain changes in the style of questions. You have to identify your weaknesses and work on them so that you can qualify the exam with flying colours.

Can You Give an Overview of the GMC PLAB Test Syllabus?
This examination has two parts. The two parts are given below:
1. Part 1
First part of the test is not only conducted in United Kingdom but also in other overseas countries. In this part, single best answer format as well as Extended Matching Questions is asked and the total number of questions asked stands at 200. In these questions, around 30% of them are of the type Single Best Answer format. The format of answering is single best answer. The total allotted time of this exam is 3 hours. Part 1 of -GMC PLAB- test emphasises on clinical management.
2. Part 2
This part of the GMC PLAB test is not available in overseas countries. It should be given in UK itself. The form of testing is of the OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) form. Part 2 of this test assesses communication as well as clinical skills of the candidate. The most important information regarding this Part 2 test is that the candidate needs to pass this part within 3 years of passing the first part.
Can a Candidate Appear for Part 2 of PLAB Test before Passing Part 1?
No, a candidate cannot appear for Part 2 until and unless they pass the Part 1 test. If you have passed the Part 1 of GMC PLAB test then you have to appear for Part 2 within 3 years.
These are some of the frequently asked questions regarding GMC PLAB test.
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