Retail Growth and the Growing impact of Magento E-commerce Development

In dynamic and shaky business world, retail industry is constantly upgrading itself. The advent of web 2.0 gave birth to a newer form of the retail market called online retail market or industry, which holds a dominant position today when compared to any other business sector. The industry employs a staggering number of people; and due to its proliferation with the support of the internet, we will see the number of employment always on the rise.

Further, with an endless array of customer choices and fierce global competition due to almost every retailer’s presence on internet, retailers need to focus on something more than only on the traditional way of adding products. They must spend time in finding innovative ways for promoting existing products, reaching and convincing maximum buyers and understanding and respecting the dynamics of the current trends.

After the U.S., India owns one of the largest retail outlets in the world. However, organized retail accounts only 4 percent of the total stores in India. This makes it difficult to apply the sophisticated tools, add interactivity, increase the sales and rise above the existing dominant retailers. Given the situation, industry led to the rapid development of shopping cart technology, which we will discuss next in this article.

Magento e-commerce development

Various e-commerce web development companies evolved, which launched many technologies. However, the one that is robust and surviving since many years is Magento e-commerce web site development technology. A simple introduction to Magento would include its open source nature including its power to develop highly flexible, interactive, functionally independent, dynamic and attractive shopping cart applications. Its popularity suffices as evidence to its performance. Hiring Magento developers also quote it “cost-effective” as it forms the basis for the shopping carts developed today.

Magento evolved for many years to take the current shape. It is still evolving in the form of Magento extensions development. A huge community of intelligent developers backs this technology. Magento developers in India offer high extensibility to an existing store through extensions. These extensions are easily and (many a times) freely available on the websites.

Why avail Magento extensions?

Magento extension is a modern way of achieving dynamic functionality in to your shopping cart website. The ultimate goal of all extensions is gain visibility, convert visitors to buyers and earn maximum revenue through maximum sales. It makes product management easy ad help retailers to present products in a fancy way attracting more crowd than the rivals. Several innovative extensions are available; whereas, several are being developed each day.

It is necessary to upgrade your shopping cart to offer the high level service to the consumers. However, achieving extensibility through the change of code is not feasible. Therefore, extensions exist due to ease of installation (just plug and play) and an ability to inject multiple features to the site without the hassle.

Adding a new edge to the retail sector, Magento development in India offers sophisticated way to deal with the growing competition. Injecting functionality such as advanced merchandising features, ability to sell around the world, industry-leading built-in SEO, easy customization, attractive UI, striking product listing methods and so on, premium Magento ecommerce development is an affordable way to create world-class online stores!

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