Who would want to Go For No? Perhaps those people with an amazing insight into the fact that chasing the "no" word can prove to be a smart decision.

Richard Fenton has come to a realization. He understands that the word people most commonly hear is "no" and that can have a tremendous impact on the way they look at life. In particular, the impact of the word no is not always the most positive one. Some people truly do react quite negatively to it. There can be scores of reasons why they react in some ways. Commonly, they have been psychologically conditioned over the years to accept a downbeat attitude towards hearing such a word. Be that as it may, it is always possible to turn a net negative into a net positive. In particular, you can make the word "no" work to your benefit.

This is detailed in the excellent audio book Go For No.

Yes, you really should Go For No since this might make your life a lot easier when all is said and done.

In Go For No, we are treated to four days in the life of Eric James Bratton, a salesman that must suffer from what all salesman are required to suffer from. He has to repeatedly and annoying hear the word "no" time and time again. What makes Eric James Bratton's life different is he decides to stop hearing the word no in the way others do. Namely, he does not allow the word "no" to be a disempowering one. Rather, he uses the word "no" to be the source of reversing the negative energy and putting it to work for him. There is a clear morality lesson here. You need not let things that are seemingly negative remain negative.

It may seem like a somewhat simple concept and it may very well be. It is, however, quite the workable concept because understand the approach by Richard Fenton may allow you to truly Go For No and improve your lot in life.

When you overcome obstacles, you have the potential to succeed and grow. Those that succeed all the time and never hear the word "no" are just playing in a field that is too small. That means their opportunities for growth will be limited and their success potential will be non-existent. Who would really want to embody a professional life that was even remotely described such as that?

When you listen to Go For No by Richard Fenton, you might not ever have to worry about such things. No, this is not to say the audio book provides a simple solution to all the problems you may face when you hear the word no. What it does provide you with is a decent amount of insight which could boost your potential success in the aftermath of hearing that sometimes annoying two letter word.

Go For No by Richard Fenton truly is a stunning and unique work. Those that follow its moral and intellectual lessons will not be disappointed. In fact, it could prove to be one of the most positive decisions you make.

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Ben Sanderson is an author and entrepreneur focusing on personal development and success principles. If you would like to learn more about Go For No by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, please visit The Personal Development Company