If you want to achieve financial freedom, you may want to adapt the same principles as getting your ideal weight. If you think about it, they are both hard, require discipline and a lifestyle makeover to maintain a debt free life.

When you go on a debt diet, you need to decide for yourself that you really want to make this happen. As mentioned, it requires an extreme amount of discipline. So unless you have decided to commit to this, you may not have the willpower and determination to succeed.

Just like in a regular diet, you need to identify your goals. In the same way that you will set your weight target, you need to set when you want to be debt free and how you will achieve that. Of course, you need to assess the situation in order to come up with a plan - which, incidentally, is the next similarity between both diets.

Achieving your ideal weight would mean knowing your present body weight and knowing your ideal weight. Then you map out how you reach your target goal by shaving off a few pounds over a period of time. Same goes for your debt diet - look at the figures. Know how much you owe from your creditors. Include details such as principal and interest and terms of payment.

After knowing how much you owe, put together a plan on how you will make the monthly payments to shave off your debt one payment at a time. Similar to losing those pounds on a regular schedule, same can be applied for paying debts. Plan out a payment timeline and stick to it religiously. Remember that one wrong purchase will push you further into debt. Just like that one donut will add more calories to your body.

In making the payments, be realistic as well. Just as going on a diet would always put in consideration your present situation. Stick to a payment schedule you can commit to. Do not chalk up a high amount that should go to a monthly payment but fall short because it was just too much. Knowing your strengths means also accepting your limitations. Make sure the payment amounts are well within your ability to commit to.

Whatever the amount is, it has to be a sensible target. Just as you would plot out your diet - you would look into a target that you can achieve over time. Letting go of that second dessert, cutting up on carbohydrates or one whole meal a day - whatever it is, you need to stick by something you can do over time. Same as with your payments, whatever the monthly amount is, make sure that you make those payments.

It is liberating to be free of debts. There is no magical process to this but sheer hard work. Similar to dieting where the lasting effects goes beyond the program, you need to follow through even after you have successfully paid off your debts. In the same way that a person who achieved their ideal weight maintains their healthy dose of exercise and eating habits, you need to continue with your strict spending habit. Maintain the discipline you showed while paying off your debts. That is the only way you can truly be free of debt for life.

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