Most of us set goals in our lives. Even people who say they do not set any goals are doing so anyway. For example, we plan to wake up, to go to sleep, to eat, to drink, call a friend, and so on. A goal does not have to be complex or a life-coaching nor a mumbo-jumbo thing. And I know you are reading this because you probably have some good achievement that you wish to aim for, so here are a few tips from my personal and client experience to help you in achieving your goals.

First of all, do you have an end result in mind, such as “I want to drink more water each day”, “I want to lose/gain 5 kgs in the next 3 months”, or “I want to buy a new car this year”? Or are you maybe looking for something to aim for, give you motivation and excitement about life? If you know what you want to achieve, great. You are already thinking about it and it gives you a challenge to give you that extra reason to enjoy life, by looking forward to something good. If you are looking for a goal to set for yourself, so you can feel more motivated in your life, here is a simple guide. You can get a copybook or keep a notepad easily available on your phone, and whenever something comes to you that you would like to achieve, note it down. It does not matter for now how big or small it is, just make a note of it. Soon, you may begin to notice a pattern amongst what you have written. Take the most common theme, and that can be your goal to aim for.

The next step is to get a motivation sheet drawn up. I have found that a paper one is ideal, as it can be put in a prominent place, such as on the fridge door or your bedroom wall, or where you normally sit down to use a computer or watch TV. This way, you cannot avoid looking at it. It is speaking to you all the time. Let us say your goal is to buy a new bed in the next 3 months, and you need to put aside a certain amount of money each month to get it. In that case, if you get paid monthly, you can write at the top of the sheet in two columns first the pay-day dates, then the amount saved towards buying the new bed. This encourages you to put aside that money, and it also gives you the confidence and motivation that you are doing something good to improve your life. If one month, you could not save the whole amount, this makes you aware that either you need to find a way to put aside extra the next month, or that you need to make that purchase in say, 4, rather than 3 months. Always forgive yourself for any shortcomings and congratulate yourself on all the good mini-achievements along the way.

I personally started this motivation sheet idea for my stop-smoking clients who needed more than one session. And then when I planned to run my first half-marathon from a total beginner, I thought “why not borrow that idea?”, and it worked. I printed out a running program for beginners from a well-known running website, put it on the wall right next to the computer where I worked, and wrote on it the days that I had done each task, for example, running for 2 minutes and walking for one, followed by running for two minutes and walking for one, for 10 minutes in total. It made me feel really good to see my progress. I then graduated to downloading the half-marathon preparation guide, printed it out and put in on my wall. Eventually, it was a matter of writing in the days when I planned to do a non-stop 6 km run. Finally, there were the days when I was to do a non-stop 15 km run. This is from someone with a lung condition who previously could not run continuously for over a minute. I also used EFT, short for emotional Freedom techniques, to get me going at the times when I did not feel like doing the day's running task.

For you, you may prefer to use EFT tapping, meditation, a self-hypnosis CD, Reiki or Spiritual healing, daily affirmations, or whatever works for you to keep you motivated on those days when an extra push may be needed.

In conclusion, to help you with your goal, here are the steps that I found helpful. You can find it, plan it, make a motivation sheet for it, and use whatever motivational methods that you like to stick to it.

Wishing you every success on your path!

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