Goal setting can be overwhelming and difficult for many people. We read stories about all the steps to make sure you are setting goals properly. If you find goal setting difficult then I want to give you a surefire three-step goal setting process.

Step #1 Write What You Want

Writing down what you want is not new or innovative. However, many people do not even start with this most basic goal setting step. Figuring out what you want is a necessary part of the goal setting process. Here is a great way to think about writing out what you want.

Think about when you are going on vacation. What is the first step? You decide where you want to go on vacation. No one would ever decide to go on vacation and just get in the car and start driving. No, they would write down a place like Disney World and make a plan. Why should you plan your life and goals the same way?

Well, if you ever planned a vacation then you did this first step of goal setting. You picked a location you wanted for a vacation and then you made a plan. Making a plan leads to point number two.

Step #2 Make a Plan

Making the plan is the hard part of the goal setting process. You figured out what you wanted, but now can you design a plan to achieve your goal? Planning for a vacation is easier because usually the main part of the plan is figuring out how much the vacation will cost.

Making a plan for your goals in life is a little more complicated. Hence, this is a reason many avoid setting goals in the first place. They are not sure exactly how to accomplish their goals.

The best way I have found to write plans is to write out every alternative activity you can do. A good way to describe this is like when planning a trip you can drive or fly. After you decide which mode of transportation you then have to decide on the best route. Your goals plan is not any different. There is never one surefire way to accomplish your goals. There can be many alternative routes, which will eventually lead you to your destination.

# 3 Activity and Patience

Activity and patience go perfectly together with this final step because both are necessary to accomplish your goals. We all have started on some goal with every intention to reach the goal, but we run into obstacles along the way. At that very moment is the time you need to show patience. Far too many people quit when they run into a little adversity. Do not let this happen to you

I am sure you have heard you need to take daily action on your goals. Now what does daily action really mean? I have found the action does not have to be massive, but it must be consistent. Think about your vacation to Disney World again. If you decided to drive and the total distance was 1,000 miles to Disney World would you stop after 300 miles? No, you would continue to drive each hour and day until you arrived to Disney World. To accomplish your goals you must continue to move forward.

Why do people quit after one week or two weeks into a goal? Lack of patience is the answer. We cannot give up on our goals just because our rate of progress is not what we had expected. Accomplishing goals is like a journey with twists and turns in the road. There is never a straight line to any goal.

Good luck and do not quit on your goals.

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